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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Halloween fun!

Halloween was rainy and cold so that was super scary ha! 

This is just a quick post to capture little k's Halloween! 

This year he was an astronaut! 

We went went out with my nieces and little k loved going door to door saying trick or treat! 

This year he loved pointing out the scary things and saying "look mom! That's scary, I'm scared" haha adorable. 

His favorite candy so far, smarties and lollipops! 

I don't know about you, but I can't believe Halloween has past and Christmas is not that far away! 

The other day my husband and I went for a nice fall walk by the lake and a yummy meal. 

Love all the colors of fall!

Love this picture of the Mr by the lake and Downtown in the background. 

Yup that's a cop on a horse. Just taking a stroll by the lake. 

We need to take advantage of this not so bad weather this fall. It's not freezing cold yet. So hopefully we will have more time for these beautiful walks. 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Birthday party for my 3 year old!

It's been a crazy couple months with many events, so we decided to keep it low key for  this years birthday. 

We had a small birthday party at my moms house with our family last night. 

A Dinosaur theme of course! 

I took the day off to organize his little birthday!

I went to pick up balloons! 

And the cake! 

I was in my car driving around all day! From 7am to 6pm!! 

My sister made these adorable dinosaur cookies! 

Little k loved spending time with family and loved all his gifts and I think he loved opening them all up the most! 

My little boy! 

Little k knows that most toys need a screwdriver and batteries so he ran up to daddy asking for those both! Haha! 

He was sooo happy when we sang happy birthday to him.

He had a great 3rd birthday! 

I still can't believe he's 3! 

He also had a party at daycare too! They had cake and candy and gifts! Little man was showered in love yesterday. :) 

Such a fun week for him, and tomorrow! Halloween! 

Have a fun and safe Halloween!! 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

3 years old!!

My little K! You are not my baby boy anymore but now my big boy! Some days I think WOW! you are a little man, so independent and driven. A little man with such character. You know what you want and you are not easily persuaded ha! Dad and I see so much of our personalities in you. So far all the good things :) which make you a balanced little boy.  

You amaze me every day and I can’t believe WE made you!

It feels like just yesterday I walked into the hospital wondering when you were going to be born, and was shocked when the doctor said it would be TODAY! Well yesterday since I was in labour for 12 hours! That was not easy. BUT It was all wiped out the second I saw you and ALL worth it for YOU!

You ask us everyday for a baby brother, (I'm writing this as proof) HA! it’s the cutest thing! I know you will be the best big brother! You are sweet and protective, oh and a little bossy too. You love to tell us what to do ha!


You are in size 3T clothing and size 9-9.5 shoe. 30lbs maybe! We need to weigh you soon, last we checked you were 28lbs. You are slim and tall. You are growing fast and you have growing pains in your knees to prove it. You are lazy with potty training, you KNOW all about it and ask to use it when you feel like it, and other times say to me, “mama will clean it” Ha! Guess that is easier! 

You know your colors, numbers and letters. You have about 20 dinosaur names memorized! You are obsessed with dinosaurs, robots, swords and pretty much any game that you and daddy play.

 You love Daddy soo much. You two are a tag team and you want to be with him every second! I love to just sit back and watch you two play. It always melts my heart! 

You know that mommy is here to make you feel better when you are down or feeling sick.  You know I'm your comfort and always here to hold you close and always cuddle you when you need it.. 


We love you soooo much and we are so proud of you! You are learning and growing so much and it’s the most amazing thing for us to part of!

Happy 3rd birthday my little dinosaur!!! 

I can't wait for you to open all your dinosaur gifts!