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Sunday, March 22, 2015

March break is over!

Back to school! Little k had an amazing time off!! I took some days off and so did grandma! He had a week of fun! 

Wednesday I took him to see reptiles! Ha! He loves seeing the snakes, and turtles and crocodiles! He even asked if the snake will eat a mouse haha

He even touched a snake! 

He also had fun staying with grandma for 2 days! Taking her little dog for walks! 

This weekend was busy! 

Lots of family time! 

Lots of hugs kisses and cuddles! 

Rolling around our new carpet ha! 

And helping put up lighting in the master bathroom 

This little man is growing up way too fast! He says the most sweetest things. We love him sooo much and he's going to such a good big brother! 

This weekend we also had my cousins birthday party and house warming. 

The big kids and little kids have a great time being together and catching up. 

Total sweetness!!!! 

The weekend was filled with more house decorating! We got window coverings! Yay privacy! Kitchen lighting and a new bench for the hallway! 

Weekend is over and it's back to school tomorrow for little man! 

Next blog post to come. 18 weeks! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

March Break!

March break began on Friday! 

Our first day we went to visit little k's old daycare. 

They all missed eachother soo much!! And were all soo happy to see eachother. It was soo nice! 

Friday night I was feeling sick and little k went to tell daddy to call Z(old daycare lady) to tell her I'm sick! It was so cute. He knows she's a nurturer is always taking care of if so well. 

Saturday we went to visit my grandparents and a friend of ours came by for a gift for little k! A big Boy toy! Whoa!! 

So awesome! He learned how to drive it in seconds! 

Then there was no stopping him. 

We put it in our basement and my niece was over driving one of his old cars that he's much to big for now. 

They had soo much fun! 

He just loves hanging out with his little cousins. Cuddle time! 

Sunday  we started our day with going to mass in our new area. Little k made us laugh, whispering and when I would say listen to Jesus he would look at me and say "but he's not talking mom" haha! Soo adorable! 

After church we went decor shopping! We bought art and lamps! 

So far the house is coming along! 

Little k playing as we watch daddy install the chandelier! 


Little k's favorite spot! 

Our master bathroom isn't complete yet but will be this week! 

More pics to come! 

Happy Monday friends! We are off to visit more friends today! 

I'll blog preggo stuff later too! 
17 weeks!

Friday, March 06, 2015

16 weeks!

How Far Along: 
16 weeks! 

Size of baby: An Onion!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10lbs boo!

Gender: 4 
weeks until we find out, well actually my sister will find out! Then we will have a gender reveal party with close family and friends! Can't wait! 

Movement: Flutters :) 

Sleep: love my sleep 

Cravings: Nothing really that lasts more than a day ha! 

Symptoms: ligament pain in my belly! The past couple days I've been really feeling the weight in my belly! 

Belly rubs from these cuties ha! 

Little K completed his first week of school!!!  He had some good days and sons bad days. He did so well today so he's getting the hang of things quickly! 

Love my boys more than anything in this world!!! 

This weekend we are getting more furniture and shopping for more house decor. The house is coming together! We have a busy weekend!!! 

Some new items 

Swivel stools! 

I'm still working on little k's room, I should be mostly done by Sunday! 

He is soo happy with his new room!

Have a good weekend friends! 

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

First couple of days

So it's the first couple of days, new home, new routine, new school for little k. 

We are still trying to get into the new routine. 

Little k did very well the first couple days at the new school. But this morning he was crying for his previous daycare ;( 
It will take some time. The new school said he's doing very well throughout the day eating, napping, playing, participating and going to the bathroom no problem! 

In our home we have a lot to do still. We have a garage full of boxes to be sorted through. This weekend we get the rest of our furniture, I can't wait to have ecerything organized and in place!

Some pictures below! 
New Powder room mirror 

Loving his new bathtub too! 

I am one tired preggo! I was in bed at 9pm last night ha! So it's going to be a very slow set up haha.

Much needed snack breaks between running around! 

I'll have to post my 16 week post at the end of the week. I saw my OB Monday and heard the heart beat! 162! 

Happy hump day friends! 

Sunday, March 01, 2015

All moved in!

This weekend was the big move to the new house! 

We spent 4.5 months in the city at my moms house. We had a great time living there but we were soo excited to move back in our own home! 

Yesterday morning  as my husband was packing the SUV, I drove up to the new house to meet the movers. 

At 9:30am my house was crazy with people in and out! All our deliveries and the movers moving things from the storage bin into the house. I was coordinating placement of all the furniture. It was soo hectic! 

We had some of my family over later in the day too to help out. I couldn't do much other than direct everyone haha. But still I was exhausted! 

This morning we already ended up at the hardware store buying things we need! 

There's a lot to set up still but slowly we will get it all done. We are so excited.

Little k loves his new house and it's like he's been here forever. Showing everyone his new room.  

Tonight the first bath! 

Fun exhsusting weekend. It's an organizing week ahead!

Happy Monday friends! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

The new the old the present the past the future!

We have soo much goin on this week! 

Tomorrow is little k's last day at daycare:(

He starts preschool on Monday!

Yesterday he went in for a couple hours.  He did so well and loved it!

I have all the gifts and cupcakes ready for tomorrow's last day. There will be a lot if tears!!! The moms at daycare are so upset too :( the kids are so close. 

This week we are also moving! 
So it's crazy hectic. 

Packing, moving, and buying new small appliances and furniture! The unpacking will take forever I'm sure ! 

Some new things... Microwave and toasted oven. 
More things to come this week and next! 

I just ordered the island stools online today! 

Little k loved showing his little cousin around. They loved the open space to run around too ha! 

Slowly we get settled in! 


Next week I'll have more of an update!