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Monday, January 04, 2016

Pressure cooker meals!

Ok so when the husband bought a pressure cooker as one of the "family" gifts for Christmas, I wasn't that impressed. Ha! 

Then we tried our first meal.

Bbq ribs in 30mins well 35 because i broiled them for 5 mins too. They were so sooo good! We made them twice already! Fall off the bone tender deliciousness! 

And Soo easy! 
Cut ribs so they can be placed side by side.
Rub with a dry rub that you like. I used garlic powder. Paprika, cumin.
Put 1 cup of water in the pressure cooker with diced up onion.
Add ribs, pour bbq sauce of your choice all over and on my pressure cooker XL it's the soup/stew selection for 30mins! 
Delish!!! Broil 5mins for a crispy top. 

We've made pork roast and beef roast 

Bbq chicken 

Chicken soup 

Chicken, brown rice and veggies in 6mins!!! 6mins!!!!! Can you believe that! 

Oh and pasta with the sauce all in one pot cooked in 10mins. One pot. That's it.

With 2 littles and always being so busy. Quick meals is what im looking for, and quick healthy is really what I'm looking for. These meals are also kid approved! Little k's favorites were the chicken soup and chicken rice. He stuffed himself! Which makes me happy!

I will start posting the recipes on my recipe blog soon!