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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Babbling Wednesday - What's your makeup routine

Today I decided to blog a little about everything :)

Yesterday I tackled the baby clothes pile :) Getting all the baby clothes and blankies all washed up! I even counted all outfits so I know what else I need. The little outfits are too cute!

Look what I got! Check out  This is so cute and what a awesome idea! You can snap on and clip on whatever you like, like blankies to the car seat or toys to your little one.  Can't wait to use it! Thanks Clippo!

 New purchase... DREAM! Never forget your DREAMS!
Bought this at Winners. Perfect for me!
 I won an award this week too! A Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks

A couple blogger friends have been writing about makeup , so I decided to post my makeup routine too!

Over at
She suggested Maybelline Falsies Mascara in Black ... So far I love it! Thanks girl! Check out her other suggestions.

Patty over at
Blogged about if you have a makeup routine or not. Check it out.

So as you see my picture above.... that's my makeup routine haha! Give or take depending on the day.

So my routine:
Nivea Q10 day cream
Maybelline  (Instant Age Rewind foundation) (I only dab a bit on cheeks)
Loreal visible lift concealer (I appeal to under eyes and eyelids)
Physicians formula loose powder (full face)
Physicians formula Bronzer (cheeks and nose :)
Eyelash curler (a must!)
Eyeshadow  (day to day I wear a champagne color)
Black eyeliner (thin or thick, again depending on the day)

For lipstick I use Lise Waiter matte neutral color or Lise Waiter gloss. But most the time I don't have anything on my lips. 

Seems like a lot, but it really isn't.  It only takes me about 5 mins to apply it all. I've been doing this same routine for years! Can't even remember when I started haha!

In the evenings I remove makeup with baby oil and apply Nivea Q10 night cream.

What's your routine??