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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Traveling Europe with kids

Everyone thought we were crazy for traveling with the kiddos to Europe. Actually, I did too when my husband booked the trip 2 years ago! To my surprise, it was pretty smooth and the kids loved this trip! Mr K is 7 and Mr M is 3.

The hardest part of the trip was the 2 flights to get there! The flights were delayed and we ended up losing a day of travel. The kids didn’t care about timelines tho, they were loving the adventure. 

 I will dress them the same for as long as I can haha!

We had a layover in Germany on Valentine’s Day! So this was our valentines dinner, haha yummy!

We downloaded some Netflix videos and their favorite games. They slept a lot on the plane as well. This mama also packed their favorite snacks like goldfish, granola bars, raisins, lollipops. Especially if your kids have any allergies, you know it’s best to feed them products you know are safe. 

Mama  T Tip- bring all sizes of ziplock bags, that way it’s easy to pack unfinished food or separate the treats. The snack size ziplock bags were a life saver! 

Mama T Tip- I put their empty sippy cup in a ziplock bag in my purse. Then once we get in after security, I buy water to fill it up. Years ago I left water in the sippy cup as we went through security, the officer took the bottle opened it up (their gloves all over the bottle and god knows what else they touched that day) it grossed me out so much that I’m now always prepared! Empty all the sippy cups! Unless you have formula or milk for a baby of course, they allow that I believe. 

Travel time from the moment we parked our car in the park nfly to arriving at the AirBNB it was 24 hours! We were exhausted but still sooo excited! 

My husband booked the Airbnb right in the middle of the Spanish steps! It was the perfect location! The kids called it our Italy House. 

It was a 2 bedroom apartment with a kitchen, laundry, 2 bathrooms, dining room , living room and the cutest balcony! 

The elevator itself was soo fun for the kids. 

Seriously! Waking up like this was the best feeling ever! 

The weather was brisk but the sun was so bright and warm. The air was soo fresh and the sky was the bluest sky I’ve ever seen, at least that’s how it felt.

The kids woke up a little jetlag but the excitement was more than enough to get them up and going. 

Check out @aka_mama_t to see more pictures! 

We found a cafe nearby and bought the most delicious croissants. We bought like 4 of them! Plus some paninis. My mouth is watering just thinking of  them haha! I packed some of the left over for the kids as we headed out to sightsee! 

I think I’ll do a post on our meals alone! More of our Italy trip to come! Have a great weekend friends! Have any questions about traveling with kids? Leave a comment or DM me on my Instagram

Friday, November 14, 2014

Vacation time!

We are heading to a family vacation soon! By family I mean grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins too.  We are going for a wedding in Cuba!


It’ll be little K’s third plane trip in 3 years.

His first trip was to Mexico at 9 months!


Second trip to Jamaica at 18 months!


and now Cuba at 3 years old!


I have lots of organizing and packing to do! As I was making my list I realized how each trip was very different, based on his age.


Mostly good but with some challenges.


At 9 months he wasn’t walking yet so it was easier to plop him in one place to play or hold him or contain him in the stroller ha! Food wise was easy as well, he ate little bits from the restaurants and  he was still breastfeeding which helped a lot on the plane as well.  


At 18 months it wasn’t as easy as 9months but little K was soo good and loved the trip. He was walking uh hum running! so that was fun chasing him around most the time. Food wise he was great with the food at restaurants, so no issues. I just brought his usual snacks like goldfish and puffs to have when travelling.


Now at 3 years old. hmm. Big boy. Mind of his own! independent little boss of his world 3 year old. Packing for a 3 year old is pretty much the same as packing for myself, the only extras are his pull-ups and some snacks for the travelling.  I think little k will love it even more than the other times because he is older and understands the fun that comes with a vacation! We are all soo excited!

 I'll have tips for traveling with a 3 year old when we get back! 

Can’t wait to show you all the pics of our family vacation!