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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Pretty little things

 Did I ever tell you that I'm a Maskcara Beauty Artist!  

Definitly sounds like a cool title.  Also sounds like you need to be a professional to have this title. Well let me tell you, any one of you can be a Maskcara Beauty Artist! You know why? Because this is the easiest makeup application you'll ever do, but with the look of being a makeup Artist! 

First, you'll need a Color match! Just send me 2 photos, one with makeup and one without makeup. That way I can pick the perfect colors for your skin tones. 

Follow these steps!

Send me your photos on IG @aka_mama_t

Once I get your picture, I'll work on your color match!

It will look sorta like this. 

Know what you put on your skin! Check out the ingredients list below! And some comparisons of other brands.

Maskcara makeup comes with easy to follow application instructions to get your perfect look! Trust me, it's easy!

Follow me over on IG too, and check out my daily stories for my easy to follow makeup application. 

I love the Cheetah HAC! You’ll see, ha!

Here are some of my very own makeup color pics! 

How long does each tin last? Well, a little goes a long way! I apply my makeup everyday and my foundation lasts just over 6 months! 

Here’s an idea 

Go ahead! Send me your photos! 

Oh!! And if you want to join my team of awesome women DM me over on Insta!

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