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Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Days

We almost missed stroller fitness yesterday because baby M was a little under the weather. He has his 4top teeth coming through! 4! He's miserable!!! 
But I figured he could nap in the stroller and the fresh spring air could help.

10 moms come out for stroller fitness. The instructor is amazing. She really pushes us hard! I'm feeling it today! 
Then at the end of our workout we have a little playtime with the kids 

 Michael loved it! Not one peep from him as he enjoyed the outdoors! 

This week I decorated our front porch area. 

I bought new planters with Ferns and a cute wreath. We also bought some boxwood plants to add to the front walkway. 

Just missing some mulch to add around the plants which we will do today. 

I started spring cleaning last week! I have a lot of decluttering and organizing to do!

Have a great weekend friends! Will you do some spring cleaning this weekend too? 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stroller fitness

Now that the weather is nicer I decided to join a stroller fitness class in a nearby park. 

Last week was the first class. Boy was I in pain for a couple of days!

Cardio, strength training and Pilates combined. 

The workout is amazing! Last week was pretty tough. So I'm afraid for this weeks class ha! The park is beautiful though. A really nice trail and a lot of hills, right by a little river.

I currently have my trunk packed with strollers. Regular stroller and my jogging stroller. 

Now to get my diet right! I am not doing anything extreme. I'm making small changes in my diet. Like no white breads, snacking on healthy foods like fruits and veggies. But with summer and tons of events with delicious foods, I need to practice portion control more than anything. 

My first weightless goal, is to drop 20! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Not so wordless Wednesday

I have lots of pics but lots to say too ha!

Today I decided to add a third feeding for baby boy. I added a Farley biscuit mixed with water for breakfast. Baby K seems to have a 9am wake up time the past 5 days. So at 9am I nursed him and 9:30 he had breakfast. Lunch will be at 12pm and he will have cereal and apple purée then dinner at 5pm cereal and butternut squash ;)

Yesterday was stroller fitness. The class is great and it's such a good workout! My body is sore today!

The weather has been amazing! But we haven't turned our AC on yet and boy does the house get hot! My husband had the window in the office open and Zoe jumped out!!!! But we got her back in quickly whew!

Hope you are all having a great week.

Pics in no order using the blogger app ;)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Look at me shopping for deals!

It is true that having a baby is expensive, especially when there are such cute cool items on the market. Seems like they all are must haves sometimes.

But the past month I made sure to think twice when purchasing baby items. Not only was it getting expensive, our house was turning into a baby play ground ha! Now I ask questions like, do we really need it? Is it something I really want? How long will it be used for? And can I get it for a deal!?

Well this has been working great for me so far!

Some items I think I want, turn out to be things that would be a waste of money and other things, great buys because I thought it through enough.

Last week I wanted 2 Fischer price 3 in 1 baby chairs, one for us and one for the inlaws. I found a seller on kijiji in my area and she had twins and was selling both! They were in perfect condition and I bought them for $25 each! In the store $80 each.

When I joined stroller fitness I used my current stroller, my Peg Perego Skate that my sister and SIL bought me as our baby gift. I love this stroller but in the park it wasn't that great and it was getting pretty beat up too on the rocky paths . So I decided to look for used stroller that would be better for all terrain. I emailed sooo many sellers on kijiji and bargained. I ended up getting the Peg Perego gt3! For an amazing price! 70% off the original price. It was used for only a year and the stroller is in mint condition. It also allows me to snap in the infant carrier. Although baby K will be outgrowing that soon! But it's great to have!

So that's 2 weekends in a row of shopping for deals. Go me!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 fitness goals

I've lost 1 pound since last week which brings me to 11 pounds to get to my first goal.

Today I ordered a new baby and mom fitness DVD!

I also registered for Salsa babies to begin February (salsa babies is a salsa dance class while baby is strapped to you).

And I also registered for stroller fitness in April with my friend over at

As baby K gets older I also want to enroll him in baby classes so he can socialize with other babies too.

I want to make weight loss fun and I think I found what will make it fun for me in 2012!

I'm excited to start my classes with this cute little boy!