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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What Do You Miss

Who else is missing some of their favorite shops? I’m totally missing Marshall’s Canada, winners and homesense! I was at one of these stores weekly! Some weeks daily 🤭

This workout outfit was one of the last outfits I bought at Marshall’s Canada. 😎Ahhh if they were open right now they would be filled with spring and summer clothing and household decor. It’s always my go to place to shop, for one it’s a 2min drive from me and it’s a place that has things for mama and for the kids. Because who has time to shop all over the place! 

Some of this decor was purchased just the week before March break! Ha! So I had a spring change up early this year.

I haven’t been really shopping online much for spring clothing. I’m hoping the stores open up soon for that! But I have been tempted with all the instagram outfit posts ha! 

Have you been shopping online and preparing for spring/ summer? What’s the first place you’ll shop at when we are all allowed back out! 

Ohhh and I can’t forget about a nice haircut and mani pedi! Those are high on my list of to-dos when this is all over 😃