Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Pretty little things

 Did I ever tell you that I'm a Maskcara Beauty Artist!  

Definitly sounds like a cool title.  Also sounds like you need to be a professional to have this title. Well let me tell you, any one of you can be a Maskcara Beauty Artist! You know why? Because this is the easiest makeup application you'll ever do, but with the look of being a makeup Artist! 

First, you'll need a Color match! Just send me 2 photos, one with makeup and one without makeup. That way I can pick the perfect colors for your skin tones. 

Follow these steps!

Send me your photos on IG @aka_mama_t

Once I get your picture, I'll work on your color match!

It will look sorta like this. 

Know what you put on your skin! Check out the ingredients list below! And some comparisons of other brands.

Maskcara makeup comes with easy to follow application instructions to get your perfect look! Trust me, it's easy!

Follow me over on IG too, and check out my daily stories for my easy to follow makeup application. 

I love the Cheetah HAC! You’ll see, ha!

Here are some of my very own makeup color pics! 

How long does each tin last? Well, a little goes a long way! I apply my makeup everyday and my foundation lasts just over 6 months! 

Here’s an idea 

Go ahead! Send me your photos! 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Mama T’s baked Empanadas

My version of baked empanadas! 

I buy these pre-made empanada dough shells at my local Walmart. I keep them in the freezer and always have them on hand for these yummy beef empanadas! 

These can be made with left over chilli (yup) or left over ground beef from taco Tuesday! 

The recipe for the beef stuffing can really be anything you like. Mine is always different. Some ingredients I do love in the mixture though would be, cumin, paprika, adobe seasoning, cilantro diced potato and black beans. (Be sure to drain excess liquid) make the day before and refrigerate the mixture over night so you can scoop in the shells cold. 

Once we have the beef mixture and dough ready, we can stuff them! 

Ingredients for my beef empanadas 

Beef mixture

Empanadas dough 

Cheese (marble or mozzarella, monetary Jack is yum too, really any you like, experiment)

Boiled eggs (cut them up to bite size)

Olives (I usually use the small stuffed ones but I only had these sliced ones today) 


Baking sheet and parchment paper 

Preheat oven 400F

Follow these steps! 

Scoop beef mixture

Add cheese

Add a piece of boiled egg 

Add some olives 

Brush edges with egg wash and use a fork to press down the edges. 

Brush the full empanadas with egg wash. 

Put them in the oven for 25min or until golden brown 

These are soo good! My family eats these all up! You can put anything in them really! I also made some stuffed with hot salami and cheese! 

I usually make extra  and freeze some for easy lunches, just pop them in the microwave or toaster oven. 


Monday, May 25, 2020

New Recipe Alert!!

Ohhhh yessss! 

This recipe is now a favorite and will be added to my weekly dinners! 

Crispy cabbage! This will make it easy to up my veggies at lunch and dinner! 

Sooo easy! 

set oven to  425˚F 
1 package of coleslaw mix or shredded cabbage 
Cookie sheet lined with parchment paper 
Nonstick cooking spray
1tsp of olive oil 
2 tbsp Of Everything but the bagel seasoning 
(I got mine here
Sea salt / pepper 

Lightly coat parchment with cooking spray 
Toss ingredients together and lay a thin layer of cabbage on cookie sheet

Cook for 15 min turning once and until cabbage is dry and edges look brown and crispy 

And there you go! A yummy veggie addition to your meal!