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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My second birth story! Part 2

So I left off yesterday's post at the first contraction at 1pm while I was painting my nails!

We knew it was GO time! We all rushed to the car. Little k was saying, It's ok mommy! And letting me know he had a tummy ache once too. Such a cutie! 

I was trying really hard not to scare him. But the pain was unbearable that I had no choice but to let out my pain in screams haha! In between contractions I would let him know that mommy was ok and that we were going to the hospital to get baby Michael. He was telling daddy to drive faster too haha. He KNEW the urgency! Daddy was the best under pressure! 

We called our family and they all were further than us from the hospital so they began to make their way up as well! 

The drive there was about 30mins!!! Omg felt forever! Daddy got us there as fast as he could and safely! Although this time my contractions were already 2-3 mins apart I couldn't speak or move, only scream in pain!

As we drove through the hospital grounds, a family of 5 crossing the street, seemed as though they were taking forever! My husband honked and made hand gestures to let them know to hurry up!! They didn't look to happy, but we drove past and parked right in front of the hospital. 

Daddy had to think fast! He ran out of the car to grab a wheel chair. As he tried to help me out of the car.. Which was extremely hard with the amount of pain these contractions were...

That family we just yelled at, came running to our rescue. Daddy asked them to take me to the labor and delivery ha! Complete strangers! Husband, wife and their 3 kids! Daddy went to park the car and rushed up with little k...

I was in the most pain I have ever felt in my life haha, and with complete strangers bringing me to have my baby haha. 

We got to the labor floor, busted in there screaming haha. They rushed me to a room. They all KNEW it was time!!!! Nurses came running to help, the doctor was paged. 

The women I just met, helped change me into a gown. Daddy then came running in. He left little k with the woman's husband and kids we just met. 

The doctor checked me, I was 6cm this was about 1:40pm. Then they checked again 8cm...! Time to push! My mom and sister were still driving up the highway!

Whoa! I was having this baby! No pain killers ha! it's what I wanted for this birth.. Well that's off my check list. 

So it just so happened that the woman I just met is actually completing her courses to be a doula! What in the world! She asked if I minded that she was there. Nope I didn't, I didn't care who was there, I just wanted this to be over!!! 

She began to coach me, and help me breathe through contrsctions and coached me into how to push. I pushed 3 sets of 3 pushes. I was screaming like I've never screamed before! I felt so weak but so strong at the same time. I could do this! Omg no I can't do this!! That's what I was yelling haha. Daddy was holding my hand tight and my mom came in right when I was pushing. So I had a crew. Haha. 

From my first contractions at 1pm to the time we arrived 1:40pm baby M was born 2:11pm. Whoa! Now that was fast!!! Painful as %#^* but fast! 

My new Doula made sure I opened my eyes to see Michael when he just came out. Proud Daddy cut the umbilical cord.  

They then put Michael skin to skin on me.

 This was the best experience ever! We really didn't have much time to think about anything. It was such a rush! And the help we received a long the way, only that of a movie! 

After I gave birth to Michael, the room filled up with everyone. I felt like a super hero haha! Everyone was cheering me on and with big smiles everyone was welcoming baby Michael! 

After the delivery we began talking to the family we just met. They were at the hospital that day to visit a friend's baby. As I asked some questions, like where do you live etc. We realized that they knew our neighbor! It was our neighbors brothers baby they were going to see that day!

And as kristian was in the waiting room with this family he recongized my neighbors brother and ran up to him to give him a hug! Haha kristian new before we did. 

Talk about small world!!!

Now this one crazy birth story. Everyone involved had a big part. 

My little family was awesome! I'm so proud of us. Together we brought little Michael in this world of so much love!

Proud daddy!! 

We are a family of 4! 

And to make this day even better, we had a private room and all 4 of us spent the night together. Our new addition to our family. He is loved soooo much!!! 

This story will always bring me the biggest smile and the most joy in my life forever. 

Next blog post. Little k meeting his little brother! He is so proud to have a baby brother. Michael is so lucky!