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Friday, February 19, 2021

Family vacation February 2020

 I just realized that I didn't blog our last vacation! The reason? Well we came back just weeks before the pandemic hit in Canada! So it must have slipped my mind!

This vacation was a family wedding vacation! I am soo happy we had all that time with family now looking back. Who would have thought the year ahead would have been this!

Last February we went to Cuba! Pullman Cayo Coco

We were up at 3:30 AM to get to our 6am Flight!

The kids love this part of vacations (moms not so much ha!) waking up and getting in the car when it's dark to travel to the airport!

We got a valet car service, where we went and picked up a driver. He then got in our car and drove us to the front doors of the airport. We got out and he left to park our car! (on the way back home we texted the car service and they met us right outside) Best service especially with kids!

I've learned over the years to travel with backpacks! Check in the big luggage and go on the plane as handsfree as you can! We each had a backpack. In each of our backpacks I put, 1 outfit, 1 bathing suit, snacks of course, phones/ipads. and my makeup ha! Because if for some reason a luggage was delayed, We would all have a little bit to get by!

Once at the destination, it's all fun! No rules! ha! All inclusive vacations are pretty straight forward. 

Eat, Drink,Beach,Eat,Drink,Pool,Eat, Drink, Dance, Eat,Drink, Sleep. Ha!

So lets's just tell the rest of the story in beautiful pictures! One day we will all get to travel and see the world again! As long as we are all healthy and safe, that is always priority!

The kids went swimming with the Dolphins! 

The kids had a blast on the beach 

The mommy’s too

Ohh how we miss the ocean 

My beautiful cousin got married! This was just last year!!!!

Missing this view! 

Fun music nights! 

The sunshine and breeze! 

And coconut drinks by the beach! 

We had a few trips planned for this year that have been cancelled! Disney and Hawaii! Not sure when we will travel again but we can’t wait to travel again when it’s safe! 

Are you planning your next trip!? 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Great Wolf Lodge fun and tips!

For the past 4 years, we’ve had a Christmas tradition of going to Great Wolf lodge! I’m pretty sure I have many posts from the past about it!

Great Wolf can totally be done on a budget but also can get quite expensive with all the ad ons. Since we have been many times and know what we like, we budget in advanced for the cost! 

We usually stay 1 night. We’ve done 2 nights in the past, just depends on the great deal you get ha!

The water park opens at 9am, so the day you check in you can get there early and enjoy the water. Even though check in is later on. You can just leave your bags at the front and they will bring them over to your room. Then you can grab a locker in the water park and put the rest of your things after you change and head in the water! Or! Get the cabana!

The past few times we went with family, we split the cost of the cabana.

We love getting the cabana for the group. Instead of getting a locker you can just put your stuff in the cabana and there’s a safe too. So get there for 9am and go straight to your cabana, The cabana comes with towels, water, juice, some fruit and some snacks. They also deliver your food right to the cabana :) 

We always get the meal plan. It’s definitely worth it. Kids under 3 are free so that’s great too.

For the lunch the dads got burgers and fries, the moms got chicken fingers and fries haha (salads available too) the kids got pizza and hotdogs.

My older son was the height for all the slides but the rest of the littles could only go on a few. But there’s a wave pool, kids hottub, adult hot tub too, lots of slides for the big kids and the little kids Ha! Even the dads had a blast.

Great Wolf lodge isn’t only about the water park. It’s the whole experience.  At Christmas it’s fully decorated with lights and it’s soo festive! We love it! Santa even shows up for pics! 

Oh back to the meal plan. The meal plan comes with lunch, dinner at the buffet and breakfast at the buffet. 
They have a good selection of food and desserts.

My little guy was standard with the nuggets, fries and pasta. 
Mr K had everything, from salmon, mussels, pasta, Mac and cheese, ribs and a huge ice cream bowl with all the toppings.

We stayed in the water park until 4pm (water park is open 9am-9pm) then headed to the room to get some rest, shower and come out in our Pj’s for for dinner. That’s a must at great wolf! 

We always get the wolf den suite with bunk beds for the kids! 

In the evening there’s soo much to do at great wolf lodge. 

They had a snow fall! (Bubbles)
Story time for the kids! 
PJ dance party! 
They have a few cafes for mom and dad to get coffee or delicious sweets and ice cream  haha

Our kids have had the paw pass in the passed
Which gave them their wolf ears, magiquest wands (which we activate every year) and their stuffed animal (which you choose and stuff when you get a paw pass)

The magiquest game is all over GreatWolf lodge so it’s always a fun game with the kids and adults going through the stairwell and all the floors waving their wands.

Ohhh and I can’t forget the arcades. We always end the evening at the arcades. Playing allll the games!

We all had a blast! 

Mama T tips!
Bring bathing suits haha duh!
Flip flops! 
Robes for the kids is good for when they walk over to the room.
Waterproof phone cases!
I recommend getting the meal plan too.
Bring snacks for your room for the night while you cozy up and watch a movie with your fam. I brought water bottles, chips, candy, granola bars. 
If I think of anything else I’ll add it in the comments.
Or just DM me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to answer any questions!

Since the falls is just around the corner and it was a nice Sunday afternoon. We stopped by the falls and even did the journey behind the falls! 150 ft down by elevator and through the tunnels, behind the falls! 

Ha! Those rain coats were needed. 
The kids were fascinated. 

**this post is not an ad, although may sound like one ha! Just sharing my family adventures! - Mama T

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

When in Rome pt 2

When the kids keep asking to GO back to Italy, you KNOW it was a good trip. We weren’t there for long! Yet still it left an impression on them :) memories they will have forever.

Our  FULL day in Rome, we spent the day in Vatican City.  See pt 1. <—- 

The next day we slept in and decided to eat breakfast at a restaurant near our place. It’s true what they say... sitting down for breakfast will cost you! It was $60 euros for sandwiches, coffees, and toasted bread. Ha! When in Rome tho! 

After our bellies were full, we hopped in a taxi and went straight to the Colosseum.

A beauty to see in person! We had amazing weather too. 

The lines were long. So we did pay for a skip the line tour. The kids were awesome in the Vatican with a guided tour, but I think we were all a bit more tired than the day before. So we got in and then ditched our tour guide and walked around. The kids got to explore at their own fast pace ha! Plus, we gave the kids, a brief “kid” version of what down in there :/ 

How amazing are my pics tho :) 

These boys were facinated! 

We spent a few hours here taking it all in. 

When traveling with kids, the main thing is, know your kids, know your family. Every family is different, every kid is different. Some do well with fast pace, some don’t, some need snacks every second (my kids) some kids don’t. 
It seems like we covered a lot in just 2.5 days, and we did,  but we actually took our time and didn’t cram it in. We know our kids and we like to take it easy. No rush, no over booking ourselves. A slow pace, so we can take it all in and not feel overwhelmed. 

After the Colosseum I knew the kids were tired. We didn’t want to continue walking too much around the grounds and end up too exhausted for the evening. So instead we hopped on the hop on hop off bus. We didn’t hop off until it was our stop near the  Spanish steps. But in the meantime we learned about all the historical sights a long the way. Mr K was paying close attention and ended up feeding us some of the information later on that night. 

Oh, and don’t forget to buy the kids a little souvenir or something to hold them over a bit longer, ha! They called these mushy balls they bought from a street vendor “doctor pimple poppers” ha! And that was the joke the whole trip. 

Once we hopped off at our stop, we had a little walk to our place. 

A scenic fun walk. 

We took in the calm fresh Rome air and talked about ... dinner of course haha well, gelato first then dinner. 

In Italy, they fill the wine glass right up to the rim! 

Ahhhh take me back! 

One more post to come! Yummy food and last evening in Rome before a 7 day cruise! Sicily! Malta! Spain, France and Genova!