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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas holidays!

We had our tree up early November and it felt like we were waiting forever for Christmas! But then it came and went in a flash! I think it was because we were having way too much fun! 

Loads of pictures below! 

Let's start with the week before Christmas! 

Little K had 2 Christmas concerts at school! 

Santa was there too! 
We got to meet so many of his friends and parents.

They had cookies and hot chocolate! 

Baby M had a Christmas party at daycare too! 

Christmas Eve was at my grandparents home. We love getting together with my whole family! Aunts, uncles, cousins! 
We even did a remake picture of the grandchildren then and now ha! 

We ate yummy food and played games 

 Pie face fun! 

We watched midnight movies! 

 Cousin love! 

 We got home very late and the kids were pooped! 

But! Up early Christmas Day!! 

Baby M's first Christmas really being involved. He was soo excited! 

Once we opened up all the gifts and had a big breakfast to talk about all that we are so grateful and thankful for... I made a big turkey dinner! 

Soo goood! 

 Loving this time of year and all the family time! 

Another one of  Our Christmas traditions is going to watch a movie! 

Of course it was Star Wars!!!

Mr K got a lot of new Star Wars items this Christmas! Clothes, books, art, speakers! 


Love these boys soo much! 

Merry Christmas friends!! 



Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Santa's House

Christmassy things like Elf on the Shelf! 

Little K wakes up eager to find Elfolo in a new spot. All over the house and sometimes with treats! 
Baby M goes around looking for him too. 

 He's been so much fun this year! Ha!

This past weekend we went to see Santa! We love going to the tree farm to visit Santa's house. 

Baby M wasn't thrilled tho. 

We went on a wagon pulled by horses. 

We roasted marshmallows 


We had a fun afternoon! 



Only a few weeks left! I am almost done my Christmas shopping. I took a few days off to shop! I love shopping and wrapping gifts close to Christmas time. I love the full Christmassy feel of that!

We also love to give back every year. Some years we do more than other years but we make sure that every year we give back. I'm so happy that little K is learning about this at home, school and church.  He's eager to help and happy to make other kids happy. 

At work we sponsored a family. A family with 2 boys. I'm dropping off the gifts at work tomorrow. They will put everyone's gifts together and deliver it to the family.
Every little bit helps. If we all give a little, that makes a lot! We hope to bring them big smiles this Christmas.




Sunday, November 27, 2016

SK things and weekend things

Mr 5 year old is one sweet boy! How is he mine! He amazes me everyday with the words that flow out of his mouth! 

This week we had parent teacher interview and we were so proud hearing his teachers talk all about him. 

We had to write a message of love on a ribbon for an art project they are working on. Reach for the Stars! We love you to the moon and back! Love mommy, daddy and baby Mikey! He was had the biggest smile on his face. 

After the parent teacher interview, we went Black Friday shopping! Mr K was a perfect little shopper.

Today at mass he went on his own to the kids class. He came back so excited rehearsing what he learned. 

We are soo excited for Christmas! Can you tell! 
Elf on the shelf has been hoping around leaving gifts on the weekends! 


We had a fun weekend! 

The boys love practicing the piano. 
With the cold weather here, we will have more time to practice! 

We had a fun birthday party for a baby cousin! 


Mikey loved Santa! 


 At work we sponsored a family and we are all pitching in for gifts.  The family of 2 boys really hit a soft spot for me. I've been discussing it with little k, letting him in on what we will be doing to help give them a wonderful Christmas. He understands fully and I'm so happy to share this tradition with our kids. 

He is excited to help.

Hope you all had a great weekend! 




Tuesday, November 22, 2016

busy days

I haven't blogged for a while! 

The busy day to day put my blogger on the back burner.

We have been busy with our daily routine , work, school, daycare, homework, housework and lots of fun things in between ha! 

The holidays are quickly approaching and my long list of gifts is getting checked off slowly! 

All our decor is complete for the season.


 Taking our Christmas card pic was a little hard this year haha. Baby M couldn't sit still! 

These 2 just melt my heart! Little k says the sweetest things. His heart is so big and I'm so proud of him. He is the perfect big brother, baby M looks up to him so much.

Swimming lessons have been great. Little k loves his instructor and he's doing so wel!


Some fun over the past couple weeks included some family fun. 

Movies with cousin. 

We went to watch Trolls! How cute. 

We also had a date day, we shopped and ate out kid free ha! 

This is the time for lots of family togetherness! We had a ladies night which was great! 

 More blog posts to come! I'm trying to catch up!