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Friday, May 13, 2016

Spring Days

We almost missed stroller fitness yesterday because baby M was a little under the weather. He has his 4top teeth coming through! 4! He's miserable!!! 
But I figured he could nap in the stroller and the fresh spring air could help.

10 moms come out for stroller fitness. The instructor is amazing. She really pushes us hard! I'm feeling it today! 
Then at the end of our workout we have a little playtime with the kids 

 Michael loved it! Not one peep from him as he enjoyed the outdoors! 

This week I decorated our front porch area. 

I bought new planters with Ferns and a cute wreath. We also bought some boxwood plants to add to the front walkway. 

Just missing some mulch to add around the plants which we will do today. 

I started spring cleaning last week! I have a lot of decluttering and organizing to do!

Have a great weekend friends! Will you do some spring cleaning this weekend too? 

Sunday, August 09, 2015

A little Home decor

We have a long list of to do's for our new home. Some things we can get to right away, and some things need a little more time. 

A couple weeks ago I bought a hutch for the kitchen. 

It filled the space perfectly! But it needed an art piece to go above it. I saw one piece I loved 2 weeks ago but when I sent the Mr to get it, it was gone :(

So Saturday morning I went into the basement and brought up some art that we had in the old home. And doing some switcharoos we decided to put the office art piece in the kitchen!

I also bought some new pieces for the counter... 

And we put up some art we had in the basement, that fit perfect with our theme. 

I also bought a jar and filled it with coffee beans to add beside our coffee maker! 

The kitchen is almost complete! I just need my backsplash! And a vase or 2 for some empty corners. 

On Saturday we went into Homesense for that jar for the beans above. And walked out with much more.

Including an art piece for the living room! 

The living room needs a more art on the other wall but I haven't seen a piece I liked yet! Oh and wall paint colors. That will be next years projects! 

Baby Michael is due any day now, so our home decor will turn into baby items all over ha! 

Have a great week friends! 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day weekend!

We had a fun filled Mother's Day weekend! I couldn't have asked for anything better! 

Friday night we had an evening walk at the amusement park. 

Little k is always super excited for the weekends ha! He'll ask if he's going to school then gets soo happy when we say no, it's the weekend haha!! 

Saturday we had some errands to run and stopped by our favorite Apple farm for some Mother's Day treats! 

Running around had this one pooped in the afternoon! 

While he slept we decorated the bathroom with some new purchases from the morning! 

We got new bathroom mats and towels, new decor to complete the look! 

Huge huge difference it made!!

This mama is happy!!

Later that evening we decided to go out for dinner. We looked up a New Mexican restsurant in the city and went to enjoy a quiet dinner on a patio. 

The weather was perfect! 

This morning for Mother's Day my boys surprised me with breakfast! I didn't even hear them get up! They let me sleep in and woke me up with breakfast ready for me! How sweet!!!!!!!! 
Love my little man soooooo much!

This afternoon we spent it at my grandparents. All the little kids lovee being with eachother. Cousin love!! 

We ended the day at home with evening Apple pie! And a relaxing evening in. My husband cleaned up and did laundry too! :) it was a perfect Mother's Day!!

Oh and we can't forget Sunday night homework. I love that my little man loves sitting in the office to do his homework. It's just the cutest!! 

Our trip is coming up! I need to get my pack on!!! Ha! 

Have a great week friends!!!! 

Monday, May 04, 2015

Another room complete!

We are decorating room by room! Sunday we completed the office! 

We ordered our desk from Bombay and bought art, lamp and the chair from homesense! The rest we had! 

My husband put it all together Sunday! 

I need a few more things to finish up but for the most part, it's complete!! 


A perfect place to work! 

The base has a little marble touch, and can you believe I found a lamp with a marble base! What are the odds! Ha! 

The mister picked the art and he did a perfect selection, connecting all the rooms together. 

Little k now has a place for homework. He was soooo excited to sit in the big chair to complete his work. 

I can't get enough of this picture. He looks like a big boy working hard. Adorable!!  

Next room to complete, is the nursery!!! We are sooo excited!!! 3.5 months left!!!!! 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend decorating

We didn't make any plans for the weekend. We didn't know how little k was going to be after his ear tubes procedure. 

So we spent part of our weekend house decorating!

Saturday we went to Homesense for a rug. Ha! Never can I walk out of there with 1 thing!!

Ha! We ended up buying a couple of things to complete some areas of the home. 

We finally bought the rug for the sitting room. 

It's the perfect rug! It matches everything In the room perfectly! Just need art for the walls and drapes to complete the look. 

I bought some dining room table top decor. 

And we had these elephants we bought when we went to Cuba back in November. We bought 4! Mommy daddy and babies! Haha 

Eeeee we will be a family of 4 soon!!! Super excited! Love my growing family sooo much! 

Today we had visitors, little k's cousins came by with speedy recovery gifts haha 
He loved that!!! 

These kids have sooo much fun together.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!