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Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas fun!

️Merry Christmas friends! 

We had a wonderful christmas! 

This cutie's first Christmas! 

 And with him making our family of 4 I am soo thankful for my little family, this Christmas was soo special. 

Little k was soo patient with all those gifts starring him down. We have a big family so the gifts piled up quick! 

Christmas Eve we had dinner at my aunts house with family. 

It's always a good time with these folks!


Santa stopped by too! 

By the time we got home, the kids were sleeping. So we opened presents Christmas morning. 

My best gifts ever,  are these boys. They bring so much happiness to our lives.

And of course it was all about Star Wars this xmas, little k got Sooo many Star Wars gifts. 

The best part of winter break for littlek was watching the Star Wars movie with daddy! When they got there they saw a couple friends from school which made it even better! 

Soo much fun! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Holiday fun

School is out for 2 weeks! So having 2 little ones at home is lots of fun and sometimes not so fun ha! Mr. K is full of energy so keeping him busy can sometimes be a challenge! 

I still need to finish up some christmas errands so the littles had to tag along. 

Yesterday we tried to make a gingerbread house haha

And played some games. 

We finished wrapping some gifts too 

Sunday we had a breakfast gift 
exchange. The kids had a blast. 

It's a starwars christmas here and this is just the beginning.

Baby M is teething pretty bad these past few days. So he's not in the greatest mood. Last night was pretty bad and today im exhausted! So I need to entertain little k while baby M needs tobe in  my arms all day! 

We went to a nearby playground.
It was the best thing! Little k loves to run around for hours so we did that and tired him out! 


Now both boys are napping and im relaxing!! 

Happy Tuesday! 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend this and that.

The weekends go by so fast! Happy Monday!

Before I recap the weekend. Look up! it's my new blog image of my little family!

This little will begin to eat solids this week! I bought the rice cereal and we see his doctor tommorow. So as soon as he gives his ok we will have a taste! 

These past 4 months went by in a blink of an eye!

He is soo loved! We all gush over babyM!

Big brother loves to cuddle him too.
Or should we say, bug him haha.

Little K can't wait for him to start crawlin around.

Little k had a friend's bday this weekend.

These boys were serious in their costumes 

They had so much fun! They played and ran around for hours!!

My fun this weekend was getting some new art! 

I also got a new piece for the living room
I had a big art there but wanted a big piece not something that filled the wall so much. So the mirror is perfect! Still to come, crown molding and drapes! 
My house to do list is very very long. 

Our next home project will be the backsplash for the kitchen. But boy is it hard to choose! 

I'm hoping to get this done before the new year. But we need to decide first ha! 

It's the last week of school before xmas break! I'm so grateful to be home on maternity leave. Especially since it's little k's first year in school. He gets to have me around making his year so smooth for him. 

This whole week they have special things to wear everyday.
Today is jersey day! So he wore his Toronto FC soccer shirt. I forgot to take a pic! 

The rest of the week it's festive hat, festive shirt, red and green day and PJ day!! How fun is school! 

I'm also happy to have a break from making lunches! 

Last week of school!!! We are looking forward to Christmas break! Are you!? 

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Holiday fun!

Who is done their gift buying? Not me. Not yet. But almost! Today was a great morning and I crossed off many on my list! 

Ha! Little k thinks the Elf on the shelf brings a few gifts a day ! 

My little baby m aka teddy bear slept 3 hours straight in his stroller as I hopped store to store! 

He is Soo sweet!! He's just getting over a cold.  Can you believe he'll be 4 months next week! 

Today was super hero day for little k

Guess who was soooo happy! 

When I walked in the class his friends ran over to me to take their pictures ha! ️Adorable.

We had a fun weekend, friday little k had an appointment then we went to meet dad downtown for lunch! 

We walked around the mall, little k loved all the Christmas decor! Only a few weeks till Christmas!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Santa! And some weekend fun.

We usually like to get a real tree for Christmas, but last year we couldn't pass up the deal we got on a fully lit fake tree ha! Although Zoe stays out of a real tree and has been all over the fake one.

We still want to keep the tradition for our boys so we went to the same tree farm we've been going to for years. 

Little K was pretty shy with Santa, he whispered what he wanted for Christmas haha. 

Baby M got a pic alone too!
Although he was warm and cozy sleeping the whole time.

And a family pic with Santa

We had a fun Sunday afternoon and came home to have some warm chicken soup to end the day! 

We had a long weekend because little k was off school on Friday. 

Baby M is at a fun stage. Watching us more closely and starting to bring up toys to his mouth. 
He really has all signs of teething! 

So it's been a while since I followed a diet or had a workout so it's about time I drop this baby weight. 

I'm down 20lbs since giving birth and need 20 more to go for my first goal to hit. 

So today was my first workout. Just 30mins to start. 

I'm putting together a better eating plan too, a little hard when breastfeeding has you wanting to eat anything in sight haha

I'm starting with baby steps and adjust as I go along!