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Monday, September 04, 2017

End of summer camping! 

This was our second annual camping trip with the kids. 

We picked a different camp site than last year. This place was an hour and a half away. The car was stuffed with our gear haha!

As soon as we arrived we set up camp! 

I think roasting marshmallows was the kids favorite thing to do. They loved the hammock too! 

The first day was warm and sunny. So we went to the beach! A short drive from the camp site. The sand was fluffy and the water so clear. The view amazing. 

It was so relaxing and the weather was perfect. 

That same night after we went to sleep all cozy in our tent. It rained all night. Which made for a chilly second day. 

Which was ok for this park because there were so many trails for exploring. 

We dressed warm and went for a nice trail walk. 

The kids were so cute walking with their sticks. Their eyes were wide and they were excited walking in nature and learning new things. I learned new things too ha! 

We had fun climbing rocks, and throwing pebbles and making wishes. 

The boys loved this! 

Camping with a toddler wasn't the easier thing. Mr in and out of everthinh kept us on our toes. 

Little K loved helping make the BBQ.

We had a fun, cozy, family time weekend with so much snuggling, 

The last night both kids fell asleep in each of our arms as we sat by the fire. It was so peaceful. Holding the boys so cold as these years go by quick! Mr K begins grade 1 tomorrow!! Baby M is talking so much and wants to be Mr independent. We cherish these times so much! 

Summer 17! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Fun at the apple farm!

I haven't been gone for long but realized taking a blog break didn't make much of a difference in my life ha! I still blogged but didn't post! So I'll post my previous posts soon. Not all the posts. I'll post slowly. A lot has gone on the past couple weeks! 

Today we had a fun day at the apple farm! This is now our new tradition with little K. My husband and I would go before Kris was born and now the past 2 years we go as a family. I love this new tradition. 

Little K is a great apple picker!!!

We picked 2 bags of apples! 
And ate some along the way too! 

We ended up buying way to much pie too. 

Apple heaven over here ha! 

Did you know that there's a way to pick apples? Well there is. You should twist the apple off gently at the stem and they will stay in your hand. Eye to the sky and twist! ;)