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Thursday, November 03, 2011

My Labour Story

My Labour story.... I'm not leaving anything out! I felt that I was mentally prepared for some scenarios but never thought of the scenario I got....

Ok so Friday I wrote this post about getting induced....

From that point on when my contractions started, and they started quickly and they were painful!!!! I was progressing along perfectly. They administered the epidural and I felt pretty good. No pain and I relaxed...
Then, I started to feel pelvic pressure. It got worse and worse!! It was sooo painful and I was confused to how I was feeling so much pain with an epidural. The nurse did not want to increase my epidural and called the anesthesiologist . He came and with sarcasm said, well you are feeling pain because you are having a baby. Then injected my IV with some other painkiller. Whatever it was numbed me from my neck down. My body was a cement, I couldn't move, couldn't breathe! And my blood pressure dropped which caused all the nurses to panic and they started giving me more fluids and ephedrine to bring my pressure back up. Then they said that they needed to get it out of my system before I push... I was 9cm dilated at the time and baby was in the canal, they were feeling his head!Poor little one was stuck in there for so long :(

I asked why they gave me that high dose... They said "you asked" .... Oh I was mad, soooooo mad!!!GRRR

Then... It wore off... The pain was back!! Finally time to push. The pushing itself wasn't as bad, but it was tough because I was sooo exhausted. And I wanted the pain to be over. I was induced I think around 8:30pm Friday and was ready to push 7:30am Saturday. At one point as I was pushing the doctor told me to stop because the baby's head was sideways... When I heard her say that I thought, NO WAY! I"M DONE! this baby is coming now! So I pushed so super hard! In less than 20 minutes I pushed and Baby K was born... It wasn't over... I won't go into too much detail, but I was bleeding a lot and they had to give me meds to stop the bleeding. Everything hurt! Nurses pressing my belly, ouch! Had some stitches Ouch! Even when they removed IV and tape all over my body OUCH!!! I told the nurses to stop touching me!

After all that I can say I was soo traumatized. I couldn't even speak I was in shock by the whole thing.

But it's true what they say... once I held my baby, it all was forgotten. (well not all haha) But I was sooo happy to hold him in my arms!

Recovery: My body was soooo sore, swollen and stitches were painful. It's day 5 now and I feel much much better and almost back to normal. whew!!!!!

All worth it for my precious little guy!