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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Family vacation

This March break we took the kids to Jamaica! We went to Gran Bahia Principe runaway bay. We came to this resort 6 years ago. It's actually better than it was. We had a wonderful stay!

On the way there baby m slept on the plane, the whole way! Little K played and watched a movie.
He was Soo interested and asked a lot of questions as he looked out the window. His favorite part was landing. His eyes were glued to the window. 

The resort was beautiful and the weather was amazing! 

Our suite had a big King bed, a twin bed and a crib. We faced the pool and ocean but surrounded by Palm trees. 

We spent most our days on the beach!
And I mean days 9am-5pm some days we didn't go to the pool at all. The beach and the sun and breeze was soo relaxing.

It was a short walk to the beach but we loved the walk. Stopping for coconut water and taking in the view!
Little k would take his sweet time! 
The water is calm and great for small kids. He played in the sand for hours! 

We took some professional pics on the beach too. Cutest beach pics! 

The pool was nice and big. Both kids love the water, ocean and pool. 

I think lunch was our favorite time of the day. Ha! Delicious jerk chicken at the beach restaurant. Oh! And daily live music too! Eating lunch with a view was soo awesome. 

Breakfast was pretty good too. Better when we sat outside of the buffet. The weather was so great, we just wanted to soak it all up! 

Dinners were a little tougher with the kids because they were tired at 7pm so After dinner we would go to the lobby to relax and listen to the live band but the kids would fall asleep! The kids show was pretty late but we got to it a couple times. 

The stroller came in handy... For big boy more than baby. Ha! 

Overall it was a great vacation. Resort and staff was great. Not one complaint. The kids really enjoyed it. We all did. With 2 kids it was a little extra work getting around. We had so much fun and soaked up all the sun. But we were all ready to come back home to the calm of things. Little k would ask why we were there for 100 days haha! He totally cracked us up. Little k owned his vacation, he would stand by the shore and soak in the sun and view. Baby m hit so many milestones while we were there. Crawling and feeding himself cheerios! 

Our first family vacation as 4! 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Florida Family Vacation part2

Our vacation started early last Wednesday morning. We were out the door in time, well what we thought was in time ha! We Parked the car in parknfly and shuttled it to the airport. Whoa! Was it busy! And customs into the USA! Crazy line ups! Omg we ended up being the last people on the plane! Haha we even had to run for it! That was a first for us! But we made it and all was good! 

Little k was excited for the plane ride! And heading to the beach! 

We arrived and everything was smooth! The rental pickup was at the airport and then we made our way to the walmart that was 5 mins for our condo to pick up some snacks and breakfast food! 

We arrived at the condo and we loved it!! 
Little k was talking non stop about the airplane and the beach house as we called it! 

The first day we spent time on the beach then went out for a delicious dinner! 

Most mornings I made breakfast before we left to enjoy the day.

Then it was pool and beach time! 

Little guy was up every morning at 7am sharp and ready to hit the beach! Ha! 

Part 3 South beach and Palm beach sight seeing! Then our drive to Key West! So much fun! Missing it!!! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

23 weeks preggo

How Far Along: 23 Weeks!!! 


Size of baby: Large Mango. This little guy moves soo much!!! Way more than little K did.  He is one busy little dude!


Cravings: NONE! BOO.  I was sick with a sinus infection for almost 3 weeks of no taste or smell, it's still not fully back. Then I've also had some major indigestion. So eating has not been a fun thing. Just yesterday my appetite was back and I finally had a full meal! Of take out chinese food HA! Sooo good!


New baby items: Now that we finally know 100% that it's a BOY!!!!! I'm in planning mode! I do have everything from little K which makes things easier but it also makes shopping more fun! Shopping for baby M has started!

Personalized pillow is on it's way. Blue and Brown I got, just like his big brother's pillow.  Personalized with his own name MICHAEL.  We are naming him, Michael Elliott, but still deciding on the spelling. Eliot, or Elliott :) I'm sooo in love with this name!!! We can't wait to meet this little boy!


What big brother thinks: Little K soon to be Big brother K, always asks about his brother. He says that Michael can sleep in the middle of our bed, hahah all 4 of us that is. So I 'm thinking we will need to upgrade to that King bed haa!  He's always kissing my belly saying he loves Michael and wants Michael to come and play hahahh. Super sweet.

Soon we will set up the Nursery. But first a family vacation is coming right up. Some relaxing beach time just the 3 of us before baby :) So much fun!


Have a great weekend friends!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Vacation time!

We are heading to a family vacation soon! By family I mean grandma and aunts and uncles and cousins too.  We are going for a wedding in Cuba!


It’ll be little K’s third plane trip in 3 years.

His first trip was to Mexico at 9 months!


Second trip to Jamaica at 18 months!


and now Cuba at 3 years old!


I have lots of organizing and packing to do! As I was making my list I realized how each trip was very different, based on his age.


Mostly good but with some challenges.


At 9 months he wasn’t walking yet so it was easier to plop him in one place to play or hold him or contain him in the stroller ha! Food wise was easy as well, he ate little bits from the restaurants and  he was still breastfeeding which helped a lot on the plane as well.  


At 18 months it wasn’t as easy as 9months but little K was soo good and loved the trip. He was walking uh hum running! so that was fun chasing him around most the time. Food wise he was great with the food at restaurants, so no issues. I just brought his usual snacks like goldfish and puffs to have when travelling.


Now at 3 years old. hmm. Big boy. Mind of his own! independent little boss of his world 3 year old. Packing for a 3 year old is pretty much the same as packing for myself, the only extras are his pull-ups and some snacks for the travelling.  I think little k will love it even more than the other times because he is older and understands the fun that comes with a vacation! We are all soo excited!

 I'll have tips for traveling with a 3 year old when we get back! 

Can’t wait to show you all the pics of our family vacation!

Monday, March 25, 2013

My must haves when traveling with baby

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I had 3 days to plan a vacation. I didn't have just myself to think about, packing for baby k is a big job!

Thinking of what to bring for baby k I categorized them by,

Clothes/personal items

I then went through what I thought a day would be like and made sure I had all parts of the day covered. Meals, clothing day and night, swim gear etc ;)

I over packed on the meds part haha I just think of different scenarios and pack it all. Baby Tylenol, benedryl, Camilla, polysporin, bandaids, spectra for kids, desitin for diaper rash. Aveeno baby sunblock.

Luckily I didn't need to use any! Well other than the sunblock which he had lathered on him many times throughout the day. Along with a sun hat.

I packed the Tylenol in my carry on just in case.

Diapers check, wipes check oh and hand and face wipes that I carried in my purse a must have all day everyday to keep the germs away.

I knew the travel time was going to be long so I had to make sure I packed his sippy cup and snacks, diaper and wipes in my carry on. (Like any regular day ha)

Snacks like gold fish, cereal bars and puffs and even the baby purée pkg, I was surprised that he had a few and liked them. Made me feel better that he wasn't going hungry while in the plane and bus. Especially when we were going, everything was delayed and the trip was longer than expected.

When it came to toys, I wasn't going to pack all his favorite toys.. We were over in our baggage weight to begin with ha!

Beach toys were a must... A few other toys that were light and easy to bring. On pthe plane, our phones and iPad was what really kept him entertained the whole trip, that and looking out the window he loved that.

Baby K was a great traveler, and even though the travel day was long, going and coming thankfully it all went smooth!