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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Finally A Ski Day!

Ski resorts here in Ontario were closed during the lockdown. Lockdown was lifted in some cities just last week!

If you are looking to hit the slopes though, make sure you get your tickets in advance! They are running at a lower capacity and selling out tickets fast!

Last season we got a lot of practice! The kids were soo familiar with everything this year and enjoyed every minute!

We started on the magic carpet when we first arrived, then quickly moved on to the lift. 

Mr K was on his own, going up the lift and down the hills over and over on his own! Mr M wanted to go on his own too! He's still too young but he was eager to prove himself!

Mama didn't do so bad either, ha!

We Skied from 10-4! We stopped to grab lunch around 1pm. You could bring food and eat in your car too. They had some food trucks set up but the lines were long.  We just took a little break and drove out to get lunch, it was a nice little break for the kids too. 

It was the perfect weather on Saturday not too cold and barely any wind. It even snowed a bit and it was soo pretty!

We bought all our gear last year, everything still fit the kids which was great. 

The kids jackets and snowpants are from Mountain Warehouse.

My jacket is from Marshalls Canada of course ha! It’s Sketchers jacket. 

Our helmets and kids ski goggles and my ski pants are from Amazon (Click my here to see my Amazon Store) 

Even our ski neckwarmer/ face mask came in handy since you need to wear a mask while standing in any line ups.  

Have you been skiing or snowboarding this season??

Are Ski resorts open where you live?

Friday, December 15, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge!

Another great time at great wolf lodge!
We spent last weekend at great wolf lodge. This time of year it was all decorated christmassy and the kids loved it.

My boys definitely loved the swimming and arcades the best.
This year my sister’s fam joined us!

We arrived at around 12pm and stayed in the water park till about 5pm.  We got the food package which is totally worth it. We had lunch in the water park then the buffet dinner, and bufffer breakfast. More than enough food! The only extra we bought was coffee and beer!
There’s sooo much to do here, the kids are always entertained! It’s non stop fun!

Last year we got one paw pass, this year we got it again. So the kids would have one stuffy each and one wand each.

The morning before we left, we enjoyed playing magiquest and bowling!

The kids had a wonderful time and they didn’t want to leave! It was the perfect kickoff to Christmas!
Christmas is a week away!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

I love using the timehop app. Bringing up all my old photos I posted years ago! Like this one of little K 4 years ago.

This morning we took a family selfie before work/school. 
Happy Valentine's Day friends! 

The boys woke up with a few treats. They were soo excited.

Little K had a friendship soup and fruit salad that they made in class. He had 2 bowls of each! Soo yummy made with love haha. 

Baby M had a daycare party, I brought his dairy free cupcakes to enjoy. Baby M wrote me his first card! Haha I love it!!

My roses <3

Tonight we had take out and cupcakes and spent a nice evening together.

Love my boys so so much! 

Saturday night was our date night. 

We went to a delicious restaurant in our area.  We absolutely loved it! 
Date nights are my favorite! I love dressing up and heading out, enjoying a calm long meal out with my man. 

We had wine, appetizers, a 40 oz steak! Yup I said 40oz!!! Picture below! And delicious  desserts! We talked and ate and drank and talked and ate some more. Haha. 



 A really great place. Can't wait to go back! 

My brother, sister in law and family babysat. The kids had a blast!!

Sunday was a snow storm, but a perfect day to be out in the snow and go to the winterfest! 




It was a great Valentine's Day weekend! We can't wait for next weekend! Family day long weekend! 
Have a great week friends!