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Friday, May 15, 2020

Easy meals!

Let’s talk easy healthy meals!

We all know the deal! Veggies, fruit, protein, healthy carbs! 
So how do we put it all together the best way to get the most nutrients from our meals!? I’ll show you some examples! 

Take a look at these combos. Nothing special, no crazy recipes with tons of ingredients you need up rush out to buy. Just every day foods! 

Let’s plate it! 

Here’s breakfast. Whole wheat English muffin topped with an egg, I think I might have a slice of cheddar cheese under there too. Some bacon and heck I threw in a broccoli from dinner left overs 😛. This! This is a balanced breakfast! Even better with Stonemill bread which is my favorite whole grain bread. 


Another easy meal! I split the whole wheat tortilla in half because it was a big one. Stuffed it with deli turkey, cheddar cheese, mustard and lettuce. With a side of more veggies! So easy and balanced! 


Protein and lots of veggies!!! Salad, cauliflower bites mm mm and grilled chicken. Soo good. And soo easy.

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be hard! Use what you have, keep it balanced and there you go! You’re eating healthy!

Now go try it! Plate those healthy meals and tag me on insta!! @aka_mama_t 

Friday, November 01, 2019

Mason jar portion fix meals!

If you've been following me on instagram (aka_mama_t)

Then you have been seeing all my tips and inspiration on
eating healthy and a healthy balance of it all.

I came across the idea of the Mason Jar salads and quickly realized that
I will use these jars as my quick, go to lunches!
Not only with salads either. You'll see below!

Using my portion fix containers, I decided to make a warm lunch in my mason jars.
The mason jars save space in my fridge too, so I love that. No plates or big containers taking up space.

So to meal prep at the beginning of the week. I grabbed the costco ready made chicken I had in the fridge and frozen veggies and made a quick stirfry. I also made some oven baked sweet potato chunks.

Using my portion fix containers, I just scooped what I needed.
1. The Red container for the chicken (1 Red/protein)
2. The Green container for the veggies (1 Green/veggie)
3. The Yellow Container for the sweet potato(1 Yellow/carbs)

Super easy meal prep. Everyday this week I had lunch in the fridge ready for me!
I just grabbed a mason jar that was already made to the exact portions I need for lunch.
Poured them into a bowl and heated it up in the microwave. I added a touch of hot sauce
and lunch was warm and delish!

The week before I made loaded salads in my mason jars. Soo good too!

1. Red container for the chicken (1 Red/ Protein)
2. Purple container for apples (1 purple/ Fruit)
3. Green container for spinach (1 Green/Veggie)
4. Yellow container for quinoa (1 yellow / Carb)
5. Orange container for balsamic dressing (1 orange/ dressing)
6. Blue container for feta (0.5 blue/fats)

To ensure my spinach didn't get soggy, I put the dressing at the bottom.
Then added the quinoa, chicken, apples, spinach and feta.
Easy to grab from the fridge, toss in a bowl and eat my yummy lunch!

See, super easy! What are your go to lunches? Be sure to share them with me too!