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Monday, January 16, 2017

Kids Calendar

Last summer while I was shopping for ink at Staples, I came across a school calendar. It's a calendar for the school year. I call it, the mommy calendar. Ha!

It comes with all these event stickers too which makes it fun for the kids to put on. 



With the kids appointments and events and our own appointments and events, we need this calendar. On top of our phone reminders and calendar this one is right in the laundry room, right in front of the door we walk in from. 

Today we had one of those busy appointment days. 

Baby M had his allergy test in the morning. The good news is that the reaction to dairy is less than it was the last time we did this test. So things are looking positive that he may outgrow this allergy. 

Then in the afternoon Mr K had his dental cleaning. 

He just strolled in and out of there like it was an afternoon coffee date haha. 

We had a quiet weekend. Swimming lessons and piano lessons, a stroll through IKEA, and a lot of movie watching with popcorn. And a little Sunday baking :) 


Oh and how can I forget, Friday night sushi! Mr K's fave!


We haven't been to IKEA in years! 
IKEA furnished our first home back in 2005. We lived at IKEA!! It brought back so many memories. The smell of those cinnamon buns took me right back to the feelings and memories of us being young and renovating a hundred year old home. 
So long ago! 

Sunday I felt like I lived in the kitchen. Cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for these hungry boys. I baked carrot cupcakes nomnomnom which I ate wayyyy too many of. And for breakfast we had Baleadas. We have them every weekend. A yummy Honduran breakfast. 
A yummy warm flour tortilla, regret beans, avocado, eggs, cheese mmm we add bacon sometimes too. Soo good! 
I could go for one right now! 

It was nice having this long weekend. 
Now it's back to the school/Work rush tomorrow, and looking forward to the weekend! 

Have a great week friends! 



Wednesday, May 18, 2016

9 months old!

We can't get enough of this cutie! The whole family just adores you! You are so happy and soo sweet! 

At 9 months old you weigh 19lbs and in 12 month clothing. Size 4 diapers. You are my big boy! You still nurse a lot and also eat a lot! You mastered the pincer grasp a while ago and you eat everything in sight ha! 

You may have an allergy to milk, we aren't sure yet but you broke out in hives when I recently gave it to you. An allergy test is on its way.

You are crawling super fast and also eager to walk! You practice by walking around furniture and walking while pushing some toys!

You follow big brother all over and you already fight him for the toys, ha!

You want everything that big brother has or is doing. It's amazing watching you learn soo fast! 

You love the piano and always crawl to it and try to reach the keys.

You love being out and about. You've adapted soo well to our family that is always on the go! You love it too! I see you taking in all the new experiences and learning so quickly!

Happy 9 months little cutie! We love you Sooo much! Mommy is already planning your first year birthday! 

Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Weigh In

Soooo I had 2 cupcakes on the weekend! I had bought cupcakes for my sisters birthday Saturday night, so of course I had to try them. I'm such a sugar freak, I even ordered a smaller dinner fully knowing I wanted room for a cupcake and any other sweets I could get a hold of, but I was good and only had a small piece of birthday cake (2 cupcakes and a piece of cake in one day hmm not too good). I also have a little problemo. I got some sort of allergic reaction last week that swelled up my inner lips, they just feel tingly and puffy. What I noticed was that after I ate the cupcakes , they became more tingly. Do you think my body has finally said "enough with the sugar!" I'm not sure. I will continue to monitor it.

I did my weigh in and to my surprise... No, no surprise, weight is exactly the same!!! That's fine I'll continue with my goals and last week I did pretty good and this week I will do even better! :)