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Friday, November 01, 2019

Mason jar portion fix meals!

If you've been following me on instagram (aka_mama_t)

Then you have been seeing all my tips and inspiration on
eating healthy and a healthy balance of it all.

I came across the idea of the Mason Jar salads and quickly realized that
I will use these jars as my quick, go to lunches!
Not only with salads either. You'll see below!

Using my portion fix containers, I decided to make a warm lunch in my mason jars.
The mason jars save space in my fridge too, so I love that. No plates or big containers taking up space.

So to meal prep at the beginning of the week. I grabbed the costco ready made chicken I had in the fridge and frozen veggies and made a quick stirfry. I also made some oven baked sweet potato chunks.

Using my portion fix containers, I just scooped what I needed.
1. The Red container for the chicken (1 Red/protein)
2. The Green container for the veggies (1 Green/veggie)
3. The Yellow Container for the sweet potato(1 Yellow/carbs)

Super easy meal prep. Everyday this week I had lunch in the fridge ready for me!
I just grabbed a mason jar that was already made to the exact portions I need for lunch.
Poured them into a bowl and heated it up in the microwave. I added a touch of hot sauce
and lunch was warm and delish!

The week before I made loaded salads in my mason jars. Soo good too!

1. Red container for the chicken (1 Red/ Protein)
2. Purple container for apples (1 purple/ Fruit)
3. Green container for spinach (1 Green/Veggie)
4. Yellow container for quinoa (1 yellow / Carb)
5. Orange container for balsamic dressing (1 orange/ dressing)
6. Blue container for feta (0.5 blue/fats)

To ensure my spinach didn't get soggy, I put the dressing at the bottom.
Then added the quinoa, chicken, apples, spinach and feta.
Easy to grab from the fridge, toss in a bowl and eat my yummy lunch!

See, super easy! What are your go to lunches? Be sure to share them with me too!