Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Running Shoes!

Look at this smothered chicken burrito eeee! This is a small too! I only had half. It's filled with veggies, rice, beans and chicken. Topped with Sauce , cheese and sour cream! Very filling!

The weather here has been crazy, rain, sun, warm, cold, windy, humid. Just crazy. We had thunderstorms and tornado warnings today too. Thankfully it passed. I know some places in the states are getting hit hard with storms. Praying everyone is ok out there.

After work today I went shopping for running shoes. I bought these New Balance runners with arch support.
Sunday I'm doing a 5km walk with my family for The Kids Help Phone :) We raised $415 as of today and hope to raise $500 by Sunday!

I also want to go back to my previous schedule, just a little revised.

Weekly Goals:

*Drink lots of water everyday.
* 4x/week home cooked meals
* 2x/week - 1 hour walks
* 1x/week - Yoga for pregnancy

Hope you all are having a good week :)


  1. yum, that burrito looks like a work of art! :) there were some really bad tornadoes in alabama yesterday, crazy weather! i'm glad your tornado warnings passed.

  2. first of all...I WANT THAT BURRITO! Second, do you like New Balace shoes? I've never used them. I've alway been an easics girl and think about breaking out. Let me know how htey feel.