Monday, September 24, 2012

Weaning is tough stuff!

Baby K has another tooth on it's way and was up a lot last night. The last couple nights waking every 2 hours! Oh boy!

We are going forward and backward with weaning. If you follow my blog or twitter you know! Some days not nursing at all during the day and other days like this morning nursing was the only way to quiet him down to nap.

I took an extra month off, but now it's creeping up closer again.

The pressure of weaning baby has me a little stressed. I'm sure all parents can relate, whether it's weaning from breastfeeding or from a bottle or pacifier.. Changing up their routine is tough stuff! I also didn't know the symptoms that come with weaning too! Headaches for one as my hormones change. Moody and feeling down too.

Ugh! Trying to take it slow but it can get frustrating at times too. Needing some fellow moms support! ;)


  1. There is no rush. He will be able to take a cup while you are at work, and you know? there's no rush. He'll be fine, a lot of kids will just wait for Mom to get home from work, nurse and then run off to do something else. :)

  2. You rock for giving it a good try! He'll def. drink if he's hungry/thirsty and will most likely do reverse cycling in the evening while your bf relationship evolves.