Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ouch bootcamp

Yesterday I tried out a bootcamp class in my area. 

The whole day I was battling myself... Should I go, shouldn't I go. Thinking I don't really have the time... But I need to make the time! I'm shy! They might look at me funny because I don't know the moves! Haha excuse after excuse. At lunch I went out to buy workout clothes just to get myself hyped. After work I got home  made dinner, played with little K then got dressed up and ready to go! I didn't look back ha! I walked in, signed up and went in to warm up.

The women were sooo friendly! They welcomed me and warned me haha. The class was going to be one of the hardest ones they do. Oh boy. 

Then it started. 1 hour of non stop body workouts! I was drenched in sweat. I had to slow it down a couple times, my legs were gonna give out eek! 


My emotions were all over the place during the workout. From "omg I can do this, it feels great" to "omg what am I doing, these woman are so fit, I don't belong" when it was over I felt so proud of myself but also felt down about my current body shape. I walked out and cried. Now that's a good workout :). Today I can barely move... I think the bootcamp is awesome! And from my emotions being all over I decided I'm going to sign up and go twice a week! I'm soo ready for this! 

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