Thursday, August 18, 2016

My 1 year old!

My little cutie turned 1 this week! 
Baby M! How did 1 year fly by!!! 
You are in a hurry to grow up! You are always following big brother, And he's your biggest fan, always making sure you are ok! 

Your personality is the cutest! You are quiet and very observant but you don't hold back when you want something, you will scream for it! You already figured out that these iPhones are something of importance ha! You go around collecting everyone's phones and you'll make a run for it with them. 

Last weekend we celebrated you and all your cuteness! 

We had a fun weekend of celebrating both mine and baby m's birthday! Oh and nonna's birthday too because my mom and I share the same birthday! Baby M's just a few days after ours! 

Friday we had his party! 
With a family full of kids, a play land was perfect for these kiddies to play together.

Jungle themed birthday! 

His adorable dairy free cake! This cake was delicious! 

We have amazing friends and family that shared this special day with us! 

So yummy! 

HAha. His little helpers.
Baby M had a blast! 

We continued the weekend fun at Harbourfront on Sunday. 

Happy first birthday baby M!!! 

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