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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mr big boy 2 year old

I haven't done one of those "what's little K up to these days" in a while! 

So what's little K up to these days! 

29 months old! 29lbs! Ha always the same as the month. 

Size 5 diapers. Slowly potty training! 
Size 2-3t in clothes 
Size 7.5 in toddler shoes 

Eats most foods. Still loves his fruits and veggies the most! 

Bye bye pacifier last month. He never asks for it either! 

He's always singing or humming away. It's the cutest thing! He sings the full twinkle twinkle little star, sings his abc's! And many other kiddie songs too. 

Little K always wakes up with a big smile!

  He loves his daycare and is always telling us about his day and about his friends. He's mr talkative, I love listening to him talk and I'm always soo surprised by the sentences he puts together! 

Some of his favorite sayings...
"Zoe get down"
"Zoe go downstairs"
"Good morning Zoe" 
"Come on mama/dada"
"All better"
"No I don't want it" 
"Oh what's that"
"I'm tired mama"
"Breakfast yaaaa"
"Mommy I weee you" ( I love you) 
"Mika bite my back" (ha this happened so long ago and he mentions it almost everyday. When his big cousin bit him) 

Oh the list goes on and on 

Little k still loves, airplane and car toys the most! 

His favorite thing to do is brush his teeth every morning and evening with his daddy. Once he's done he runs to come show me. "Mama I brushed my teeth." 

He knows pretty much all his colors, many shapes, some numbers and letters too. 

He pays close attention to what's going on around him and boy does he have a sharp memory too! Since he was able to do things on his own, little k would always practice and practice something new until he got it! He is still like that! Very determined and persistent! It's amazing watching him learn and grow. 

He is the light in our life. Such a big personality for a little boy. He keeps us busy and fills our hearts with so much joy. We love him soo much and I'm soo blessed to be this little boys mom!