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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Jewelery sale

Yesterday my sister and I hosted a Jewelery sale at my place. My Aunt has a business and allows others to host shows. We get a % of the sales made too! Which is great!

So many pretty pieces. Some costume jewelery, Some Sterling silver, Purses, Hair accessories and gorgeous scarves! I bought some great pieces for myself too, I'll post them up later this week. :)

We had a really good turn out of family and friends! We made the highest sales so far for my Aunt which felt really good! We love all her items especially the unique items she custom makes herself!

Tonight we are going for dinner with the family so I am looking forward to that!

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

So Glad It's FRIDAY!

I'm sooo glad it's Friday tomorrow! This week has been busy! And the drive to work alone... well it's lonely! I miss my husband sooooo much! I didn't think it would matter not carpooling with each other, but I guess I'm really missing that 40 min chat back and forth from work! And our daily lunch dates. (we use to work 5 mins from each other) Miss him!

So I'm happy it's the weekend!

This weekend I'm hosting a Jewelry show at my house. It will be fun seeing friends and family.

This week so far I was able to get in 3 workouts... BUT my calorie counting pretty much ended on Tuesday... Yesterday I had Pizza for dinner and cake for dessert... and today well... lets just say I ate all the carbs I missed out on at the beginning of the week!

Soooo I'll just leave it at that for now.

Hope you all have a good weekend! :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Jewerly and Sports weekend

Hope you all had a fun weekend. Mine was busy but soo much fun!

Saturday I went to my Aunts Jewelry show.
(Her site She has amazing pieces. She hosts these shows once and a while so we can shop and get the best of her stuff first hand. She is also starting to allow others to host her shows and with 30% commission. So I think I will be doing a Jewelery show at my house very soon! I think my friends would love it too.

It was so much fun being with the girls.

Some pieces I bought....

After that some friends decided to head Downtown Toronto for dinner. It was a beautiful night and beautiful weather in the city! We went to Dundas Square where there is always entertainment, people everywhere just having a good time.

AND You know what Sunday was!
The final game!!!!

Downtown Toronto they hosted a CBC Soccer Nation Festival. It was sooo much fun! Lots of fans came out and packed the streets to watch the game.
They had HUGE Tv's on the streets and everyone was all around watching the serious match!
And as you can see... Spain won! Paul the octopus was right! ahhaah!

Happy Monday!