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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Friday fun in the city

Last night we had a friends engagement party. I wore a Vince Camuto outfit I purchased last month. This outfit is soo comfy and hugs your body ha! I wore the skirt a couple times before too with different tops (see past posts) but yesterday I wore the cardigan that goes with the skirt. I didn't take a pic of the back, but the back of the cardigan is sheer. I added a black and gold belt, my MK gold tip pumps and my new MK clutch I just got this week! A little gift for me, for having a crazy busy work week! 
This outfit also looks so good with my nude gold tip guess pumps. Next time! 

The event was so nice. They had a singer songwriter for the whole night. The ambiance was intimate and we enjoyed the music and good company. 
Brother inlaws and sister inlaws to be! 

We left the party at 1am and went over to  my brother inlaws house for pizza!

Fall has rolled in so it was a little chilly on the patio but sweaters and a little fire made it all ok! Ha!