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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Weekend in NYC

We took a long drive to NYC this weekend. 

On our way there Saturday we hit a snow storm. It was dark and only 2 hours left on our drive to get to NYC but it was too dangerous so we had to stop at a hotel by the hwy. 

We just had an evening in at the hotel. Having dinner, walking around and renting movies. 

We woke up early Sunday and continued our drive! The roads were plowed and we were on our way! 

Little K was such a good little traveler. He loved sitting cozy with his blankets and toys and iPad ha! Both ways he slept about 3 hours of the trip which was great too. 

NYC with a toddler was a little hectic. Fun but having him in his stroller walking around wasn't too much fun for him. And many restaurants in NYC did not want the stroller inside. Not much space for it. Overall little K was great, just had a few outbursts when he was over tired or bored. His new thing is screaming MINE on the top of his lungs. When anyone came near him or touched his toy or wanted to see what he was watching on the iPad he yelled NOO! MINE! in their face :/ 

Everyone still loved him tho haha he got free food everywhere we went ha! Free dinner, free cookies, free fruits. 

We walked soo much for 2 days! My legs are still so sore! 

We went to Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Empire State Building, shopping on 5th ave,  Manhatten, we also took a scenic ferry. 

Just a few pics from the tons of pics we took. 
Haha Macy's window. Little boy looks like Krisrian.