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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Im a Breastfeeding Mama and Baby Rules

Breastfeeding has been going really really well. Baby K eats every 2-3 hours and is always satisfied which is awesome! He is the perfect timer and when he is hungry boy does he let you know. Sunday while we were out we had to stop and I breastfed in the car so we could make it home in peace haha!

Somethings I do love about Breastfeeding: no washing bottles, and no preparing bottles on the way out.
Only downfall is my comfort level with Breastfeeding in public, but I'm getting better at it. ;) patience is key.
My family is really comfortable with it because my SIL breastfed her daughter. So with my family I breastfeed in front of them (covered ;)

I haven't been able too pump at all,
I don't really need to, and worry if I pump between feedings I will either take away from his next feed or produce more than he needs. Am I right or wrong moms? I'm going to speak to my lactation nurse about this as well.

I noticed some foods that give my baby terrible gas. So far the main ones are milk (dairy) and spicy! I also think chocolate and coffee are culprits. I'm totally missing all these!! But worth it, I hate seeing my baby cry with tummy pain ;(

Did you need to cut anything out from your diet while Breastfeeding?

My little guy has some red pimples around his eyes ;( I think it's from being overheated. We've been to a couple occasions where baby K has been held a lot and got very warm and sweaty.

It's funny when you have a newborn there is soo much more that bothers you that didn't before. I'm much more sensitive for one. I also get upset if I feel my baby is uncomfortable. When we are out, I don't like it when people have strong perfume (not just a little im talking showered in perfume) on while holding baby K, i also just read that it's not good for newborns to breathe it in. Oh and people kissing a newborn all over his face with big people germs, hellll no! Makes me crazy! One other pet peeve I have that actually gives me anxiety... When people hold the baby and leave to another room where he is out of my sight. Mama bear totally kicks in and I can't even think straight!

I think I'm pretty good when it comes to family and friends getting their time with baby K, but some rules need to be followed. And I think my rules are valid. I've known other moms with much stricter rules and I totally get it!

I want my little sweet boy to be safe and comfortable and free of germs. After all he is only a month old! I should have been much stricter from day one....