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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

SAHM-WAHM-WM-Daycare-Nanny-Bottle feeding-Breastfeeding-Milk-No Milk-You get it.

Yesterday was Build 'Em Up Tuesday post on Kellys Korner Blog. Being  confident in your choices in Motherhood.

Oh boy, where do I start! We all have our fair share of stories on this from the second we found out we were pregnant, heck even before when it was just a thought.

I know soo many different families and lifestyles... SAHM's WAHM's, Working Moms, kids in daycare, with a nanny with grandparents or friends or home with mom or dad. And every single parent has some kind of doubt or guilt from decision they made.  NO ONE is perfect yet perfect in our own way. We are all doing what we feel is best for our family.

We need to be stronger and trust in ourselves with the decisions we have made or are going to make. Many times we don't have the choice too, so we are blessed to even have the opportunity to make a decision to begin with. We need to trust that things will always workout. As long as our children are loved as the priority :)

Before I had a child (and I know you were the same :) you thought... OH! I will be like this as a mom, Do that as a mom, I will NEVER do that or have a child like THAT mom! Ha!

Once that little one is in your life so many thoughts and decisions race through your mind everyday!

What I learned early on is to follow my baby's lead and that has truly worked out best for me. Eating, Sleeping, Talking and going forward I will always follow his lead without pressuring him to hurry up. This works best for me with less stress. The times that I did try to force things like a sleep schedule it caused me and my family soo much stress. Then one day when baby k was ready, he gave himself a schedule and it's perfect for us.

I always remind myself to do what is best for my family. This took me a while to really follow and still I need to repeat it many times. No two families are the same, no two babies/kids are the same. This brings out so many insecurities about yourself as a parent too. I always love when my husband gets advice from other fathers about how WE should be doing things in OUR home... They do not know us or our lifestyle and why is it that THEY are doing it so right and we so wrong? To me, they are doing it the way they know best... and so are we. I may not agree with their ways and they not with mine but I have enough things to think about than what others are doing. (even though we tend to look at others sometimes) I'm only thinking whats best for me and my family. So next time we think about how we are doing things vs another family, lets remember that we are all doing what is best for our families and doing it the way we know how.

Kelly said it best, lets support other mothers and not make them feel that they are WRONG just because they are DIFFERENT than you. And support our own decisions too because we can be so hard on ourselves for being different.