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Thursday, April 11, 2019

I’m back!

Whoa! My last blog post was in July! I’ve been struggling with whether to continue the blog or just let it be something of the past. Hmm!

The other night I came over and began reading all my past posts. Whaaa!! I documented soo much of my life over the past 10 years! But these days Instagram (@aka_mama_t) and FB do the same thing, in less words haha. Sooo I’ll just check in, now and again until I figure it all out.

Soooo much has changed this year!!! And boy did I miss a lot of good blog postings haha. 

Where to begin! I don’t even know!

Ok, so the biggest change in our lives has been me quitting the corporate scene to stay home with the kiddos. 

With life being so busy with 2 kiddos, 2 working parents, our house location at the time  and long commutes, it was soo draining! To the point the kids were being vocal about it too! So we made the decision to sell our home, (it didn’t happen over night! We had plan A B and C  because it took a year to sell) but it did sell and we made a move that would allow me to stay home with the kids too. The best decision for my family at this point in our lives. 👍🏻 

As I began scrolling the pics to post here, I went through thousands haha because umm my last post was July 2018! Maybe I shouldn’t take a break from blogging again! 🤭 

I have tons I want to share now that I got started! But I’ll have to come back to post! Yay! I think I may be back again for good! Stay tuned!!! 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Snow dayz

Whoa! It’s like non-stop snowing here! 

It’s beautiful but we are getting totally getting tired of it!

This weekend we had little K’s karate belt grad. He is loving karate class. We were so impressed watching him show off his moves on Saturday. 

We celebrated over brunch!

Then we went to get haircuts! The boys needed it! 

Valentine’s Day is coming up! We will be making cupcakes and writing out our VdAy cards, although I was hesitant at first. Do grade ones still do that!? Or do they do that every year. Meh no clue. 

What have we been up to!? 

Oh just a little restaurant hopping. 

Little K loves chicken wings! Who knew! Hahaha finally a restaurant he enjoyed that wasn’t sushi! 

Little K is also enjoying his swimming lessons. Baby M loves to watch.

I’ve been following the 21 day fix. Although during the week it goes well but weekends go out the window. 

Because we love going out for breakfast for one, and our weekends are usually out and about we end up at a restaurant. 

The pic above we went to get some donuts and sang happy birthday to my dad in heaven. ❤️

We had the family over for Super Bowl. I made a yummy menu and we watched the game and the kids had a blast playing together. 

How cute are they. 

I hope they have a close relationship as I do with my cousins. We still try to meet up once in a while to catch up over breakfast of course! Ha! I do love breakfast food. Sigh. 

Tomorrow we are back on track with the 21 day fix!!! 

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Time to blog 

Yikes! I’m not the greatest at blogging anymore. I want to be. But at night when the kids are in bed and the million chores are done, I’m mentally exhausted! So I haven’t blogged about anything else since the holidays ha! 

Let me think hmm. Baby M has the cutest conversations with everyone. He’s a little man and I love him ohhh so much! Mr K is becoming a big boy and I look at him and think how is he 6! And those long legs of his haha it’s been hard finding him pants that fit his long slender bod. The boys are attached to eachother and it’s the sweetest thing. All the teachers know them  at school and love watching them run to eachother when they see eachother at recess. Totally heart melting, so I’m told. The melt my heart daily! 

They love to dance and I posted some videos on our YouTube channel. I don’t know how they find these videos haha but they copy the dance and they are adorable. If only I knew how to link it in my blog. I’m so rusty!

Baby M loves to tell you what music he likes or doesn’t like. So when we are in the car he will let us know as soon as every song begins. Ha! “I like dat song” “noooo I dun like dis song” his voice is just the cutest.One of his fav songs is imagine dragons, thunder. Mr K still likes daft punk and will play the album on our phones. 

Oh and baby M is Mr sporty. Loves soccer and basketball. 

Mr K is getting more familiar with the computer and enjoys playing games on it. On the iPhone he gets a kick out of asking Siri questions and the other day I let him text dad! Ha! 

January started off great. We have all been hitting our goals and following our new routines. We have a good schedule going on. With 2 kids and 2 working parents it’s been hard to get in the grove. But we finally have. Mr K has his extra curriculars Saturday mornings only. We keep our week free to stay sane, although piano lessons are during the week but it’s in Home so it works out great. 

His teacher has only good things to say about his progress and even that out of all the students he has the began the same time, Mr K grasps the concept and learns so quickly. So proud of this little man. It’s not easy for a 6 year old to sit still most days haha so when he completes each lesson we have a reward system and he gets a sticker. Once the sheet is filled up, he gets to pick a toy or game that he wants. Right now it’s anything Minecraft LEGO. 

Umm can you believe that January is over next week! Seriously tho. The days fly! Sometimes I need to remind us to slow it down! I’m so glad it’s the weekend. Soo looking forward to a relaxing weekend! 

Have a great one friends! 

Psst mama got new glasses ha! 

Monday, January 08, 2018

Christmas 2017

Christmas 2017!
Baby M really enjoyed Christmas this year. He loved the Elf on the Shelf fun. 
He talked about Santa and Baby Jesus' Birthday. Toddler stage is by far the most exciting. 
Watching these little ones learn and understand things for the first time. 
Mr K had his Grade 1 Christmas Concert. Mr Green right in the front ha!
Christmas Eve was at the usual place :) My grandparents house.
The whole family gets together for a yummy food and celebration. This year my niece and Mr K were making videos of their experience and I gotta tell you, those videos were hilarious. They made me realize how much they've grown too.

Christmas Morning was our family's tradition. We wake up and make a big breakfast while we open gifts. Then I prepare a Turkey Dinner! It's a PJ's Movie Day celebration. Being together and being soo thankful for 2017. 
The Mr and I even fit in a date lunch. 
We ended 2017 very relaxed! It was all about movies and togetherness this Christmas break. Well it was freezing and we had a couple snow storms that kept us in too!
We hosted New Years Eve with family and friends! Everyone had a blast! 

We even had some fun Competitions ha!

The party continued for New Years Day Breakfast!
We are soo 2018 ready! I have new blog goals, life goals, family goals etc. I love reading about everyone’s 2018 goals. I’m excited to read/hear about your 2018 goals! Send me a comment and share your goals! Next post will be on mine! Happy New Year Friends!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge!

Another great time at great wolf lodge!
We spent last weekend at great wolf lodge. This time of year it was all decorated christmassy and the kids loved it.

My boys definitely loved the swimming and arcades the best.
This year my sister’s fam joined us!

We arrived at around 12pm and stayed in the water park till about 5pm.  We got the food package which is totally worth it. We had lunch in the water park then the buffet dinner, and bufffer breakfast. More than enough food! The only extra we bought was coffee and beer!
There’s sooo much to do here, the kids are always entertained! It’s non stop fun!

Last year we got one paw pass, this year we got it again. So the kids would have one stuffy each and one wand each.

The morning before we left, we enjoyed playing magiquest and bowling!

The kids had a wonderful time and they didn’t want to leave! It was the perfect kickoff to Christmas!
Christmas is a week away!!!