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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lots of changes and events!

So last week was our first week out of our old home :(. The new owners are all moved in and I'm sure they are loving it! 
I mean, they get to wake up to this view I use to love! 

Since our new home isn't ready as of yet, we have a little commute day to day for little k's daycare. So far it's pretty smooth routine and we all adapted with no problem at all! 

I'm actually sitting and relaxing this afternoon after 2 nights of being up till the early am! 

Friday night I had my future SIL's bachelorette at her beautiful cottage up north. 

It was a Grease themed party and her sisters organized this cute event! 

My 2 future SIL's :) 
And the rest of the pink ladies! 

I got home Saturday afternoon and it was  wife and mommy time running around with my boys :) 

Yesterday was also the 12 year anniversary since my dad passed away :( so we organized a family dinner at my moms house. It was perfect and exactly how he would have wanted us all to spend the day. 

Hope you all had a great weekend! 

The next couple weeks will be fun! Prepping little k's birthday! And my BIL's wedding! 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday with family.

Yesterday marked 11 years since my dad passed away. 

My sister and I went to the cemetery before heading to my moms for a family dinner. 

Kristian recognizes where we go now and who we are seeing. It's so sweet. 

This picture melts my heart. 

Once we got to my moms. We ordered dinner and all talked and watched the kids play. Exactly how my dad would of wanted us spending this day ;)