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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Florida Family Vacation - Part1

5 days in Florida! But why have we not traveled here before!? I'll post in parts because there are some of my own travel tips and memories I really want to keep and come back to! That's what my blog is all about! 

When we first decided to book a trip we wanted to think of a trip that we can easily do with 2 kids and especially on the time off that's given to us when they are in school! Like March break! I've seen many blogger friends post about family vacations in Florida and I see why they love it now! 

First we thought of driving... But decided to fly instead, being 6.5 months preggo. Which was great because it was only a 3 hour flight. Next time we will try driving! 

We booked a condo through the site

Which is great!!! Some tips I want to remember. 

1. Ask and make sure the condo your booking is the same one in the picture
We had no issue here! It was exactly  what we saw on the site. Oh and go for Oceanview/beach front property! We loved the condo we picked! Easy access to the beach and they had a great pool too! 

2. Pay online through the homeaway site with credit card, they even have extra insurance coverage to add if needed. We added it just incase! Some owners ask for cheque in the mail or give you direct bank info to deposit into. I don't like the sending a cheque way, we tried it and felt unsafe so I cancelled that condo and went with one I could pay directly with online. 

3. Check reviews on the site, or even call the site and they can tell you some info too!

4. If you don't know the area, get the address of the place and Google map it! So you have an idea. 

We stayed in the Hollywood area and absolutely loved it!!! 

So many restaurants and shops near by. 

We also rented a car which was super convenient . Pick up and drop off at the airport! Extra charges included getting a car seat but needed of course!! 

More vacation posts to come! We had fun in the sun! Enjoying the ocean and pool! We went sightseeing! To Palm beach, South Beach and drove all the way to Key West! Little K had a blast!