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Thursday, February 09, 2012

Lula clips, I love these magnets!

Have you heard of Lula Clips? I haven't until this week.

These cool magnetic clips are pretty neat!

 Have you ever had to lay your baby back down in their car seat when they are sleeping and then struggle with keeping the buckles to the side?.... I have!  Or having to pull the buckles from behind the sleeping baby soo slowly to make sure you don't wake up your sweet little one. This happens to me ALL the time!

I'm so glad I have these Lula Clips now.  They are really easy to pin up on the sides of the car seat and have a safety pin so no one can get pricked.  They can be placed on all types of car seats.

 I wish I had these sooner, they make life that much easier when placing baby in an out of the car seat.  *Happy mommy dance* :) I have some baby showers coming up, and I will definitely be buying these clips to add in for the new mommies.

See more on Lula Clips here is offering 15% off all orders (excluding clearance items) until May 1st 2012. Check them out! Use Code DREAM15 at checkout.

Disclosure: Opinions on this product are my very own. I did receive lulaclips  for compensation of this review