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Friday, April 24, 2015

23 weeks preggo

How Far Along: 23 Weeks!!! 


Size of baby: Large Mango. This little guy moves soo much!!! Way more than little K did.  He is one busy little dude!


Cravings: NONE! BOO.  I was sick with a sinus infection for almost 3 weeks of no taste or smell, it's still not fully back. Then I've also had some major indigestion. So eating has not been a fun thing. Just yesterday my appetite was back and I finally had a full meal! Of take out chinese food HA! Sooo good!


New baby items: Now that we finally know 100% that it's a BOY!!!!! I'm in planning mode! I do have everything from little K which makes things easier but it also makes shopping more fun! Shopping for baby M has started!

Personalized pillow is on it's way. Blue and Brown I got, just like his big brother's pillow.  Personalized with his own name MICHAEL.  We are naming him, Michael Elliott, but still deciding on the spelling. Eliot, or Elliott :) I'm sooo in love with this name!!! We can't wait to meet this little boy!


What big brother thinks: Little K soon to be Big brother K, always asks about his brother. He says that Michael can sleep in the middle of our bed, hahah all 4 of us that is. So I 'm thinking we will need to upgrade to that King bed haa!  He's always kissing my belly saying he loves Michael and wants Michael to come and play hahahh. Super sweet.

Soon we will set up the Nursery. But first a family vacation is coming right up. Some relaxing beach time just the 3 of us before baby :) So much fun!


Have a great weekend friends!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Do you have City Grips for your stroller?

GERMS!! If you are a germ scared mom like I am then you keep the hand sanitizer close by ha! I have one in my coat pocket, my purse, my car.. oh boy!

It's easy to just wash our hands and clothes to keep germs away but what about our strollers! Of course we can wipe them down with sanitizer or wipes, but that can lead to deterioration of the surface. We don't want that!  

I recently received these cool designed city grips for my stroller handle. I absolutely love them. They protect my handle from every day wear, they are easy to put on with velcro and come in many different cool designs. I got black and white zig zags ;) and green circle ones for a friend of mine.
City Grips on my Peg Perego Skate Stroller

baby approved!
They are soft with cushion too, very comfortable for our hands. What I love most about them is that they are machine washable, something we can't do with our stroller handles. So this is a perfect stylish way at keeping those germs away. Check out all the good things about City Grips here is offering 15% off all orders (excluding clearance items) until May 1st 2012. Check them out! Use Code DREAM15 at checkout.
Disclosure: Opinions on this product are my very own. I did receive city grips product for compensation of this review.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Baby gear, baby talk, oh baby!

 Everyday is amazing, everyday my little boy changes soo much.  In just 2 months he's grown so much, I can just imagine next month and the next and next. We bought him a new pillow for tummy time, but he rather sit back and look all around him and focus of the tv ha!

Baby K seems to be pretty picky, he is not a huge fan of the baby ktan wrap or the baby bjorn one either.  He can only stay in them for a short time before he wants a different position. This morning I was able to organize the house a bit as I carried him around :)

Here is a little video of Kristian talking back to me :) Please don't mind my voice haha and the fact I'm talking about a poopy diaper haha!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Family Love- Adorable cousins

 I love this picture of the cousins together. Look how adorable they are.

Baby M is so sweet and has the most adorable goofy personality she calls Baby K, 'baby' haha she is too sweet.

My grandparents haven't seen baby k since he was just born, so they were soooooo happy to see him. My grandfather gets upset at anyone that pronounces the baby's name wrong haha.  He said he loves the name Kristian and doesn't want people to say it wrong, or in short... I'm guilty I call him Kris most the time ha!

I'm not the most comfortable with breastfeeding out of my home yet, I have my nursing cover that works great but I also bought a couple nursing tops, and I love them! I bought them from and they are in Canada so they shipped in 1 day!

Friday the carrier I ordered from came in too. 

  it's so cute and love keeping my little guy away from the cold and germs. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

A Nice Fall Weekend

Yesterday the weather was beautiful! We couldn't believe that it's almost the end of October and we spent the day outdoors.  

Our family came to visit and it turned out to be a BBQ afternoon. Sooo glad the weather was awesome.

We are all anxiously waiting for baby K! We are stillll waiting hahah! I have my next appt on Wednesday, so we will see what the doctor says. 

Baby K received some extra gifts this weekend... We have a large immediate family so baby K has a total of 9 Aunts and Uncles so far! :) He is one lucky little boy.

Cute Onesie and flipflops!

My 1st Christmas Outfit!

And a cute Crochet Aviator hat!

The count down is still on! Maybe he will come by this coming weekend?.... Maybe.... :)

Friday, October 07, 2011

My hospital bag is packed and ready for baby!

4 weeks to go! I've had my hospital bags for a while now. Just always adding and removing things from it. 

So far I have 2 bags. 1 for me and 1 for baby.

Baby bag:
- 3 onesies
- 1 coming home outfit
- 3 blankets
- 3 hats and 3 socks
- a pacifier
- diapers
- wipes

- pj's
- robe
- socks
- pads
- nursing pads
- under garments
- creams
- personal hygiene products
- makeup ( ha! We'll see if I get a chance to use it lol)
- slippers
- coming home outfit
- hospital papers
- Camera

Think I'm missing anything?? Packed too much?

Last week my doctor gave me a number to our public health line for breastfeeding support. It's a free service, so I called.

The nurse was on the phone with me for an hour ;)

She gave me some websites to go on and recommended some books as well.

She gave me these tips:
Try and breastfeed within the first 24 hours. That way our body knows to produce.

I asked about the different ways of delivery, C section and Vaginal and she said as soon as mom is awake and baby is ok then breastfeeding is safe and ok.

She also said to get baby on me, skin to skin as soon as doctors are done checking him out. Allowing baby to look for the nipple as he cuddles on my skin. She repeated skin to skin is soo important.

She also suggested I lean back when breastfeeding. Not sit up. That way baby doesn't feel like he is falling but safe and secure against mommy.

Breastfeeding moms, I'd love to hear your advice?

Monday, October 03, 2011

In my Ninth Month of Pregnancy!

I'm officially in my last month. The ninth month. 
I'm excited and so happy to meet my little baby that's been growing inside me. 
I get a overwhelming feeling that makes me hold my breath and makes my heart beat 
faster when I think of what he will look like and the thought of holding his soft 
little hands makes my heart melt.
Friends and family are betting on his due date. And all are in the end of October. 
We'll see!
This weekend we put together some items for him. :)   
Bouncer we can travel with

The Swing!

The Playpen!
My friend that had her baby last week wrote a really cute post with so many
amazing photos.  Check out her blog! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

35 week pregnancy update - 5 weeks to go!

 This week!
How Far Along: 35 weeks!
Movement: This week little one has been moving a lot! and has been having lots of hiccups!
Sleep: Sleep has been ok, although I'm much more tired during the day.
Symptoms: Hands and feet get swollen, so I'm trying to keep still and resting a lot. My emotions are all over the place too, I read it's normal at the last weeks while the body is preparing for delivery.
What I'm looking forward to? The nursery will be delivered next week!  
Some new items: A friend of mine bought baby K these cute outfits this week :)

5 weeks to go! but i think it'll be more like 3-4 weeks to go... We'll see if I'm right!

Friday, September 23, 2011

34 weeks pregnant! pics and update!

This week!
How Far Along: 34 weeks!
Size of baby: 4.75-5.3lbs!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: gain 36lbs eek
Movement: lots of hiccups!
Sleep: Sleep is good, minus waking up to numb hands
Symptoms: Joint pain and feeling more tired.
Best Moment so far: My baby shower!
What I'm looking forward to? meeting my little guy!

Some new items:

I was going back and forth about getting the breast pump. I asked so many moms their opinion and decided that getting one is the right choice for me. We also got the Angel Care Video Monitor. I read great reviews on it and hope it works great for us too.

My friend over at  is in labour! She was feeling contractions yesterday then woke up at night with them closer together, 15min then 10 min then 5 min apart!
She texted me this morning and she received the epidural and is 3.5cm dilated
She is doing fine so far and says everything is going smoothly! Her due date was Sept 28
so her little guy is a little early. Gives me the feeling that my little guy will be
an October baby instead of Nov. We'll see!

I'm so excited for her!

Mama's out there with any advice about labour,  please send it over! Only 6 weeks left to go!
I wonder if I will get contractions throughout the day too, giving me time to prepare... or will my water break suddenly, hmm...I can't believe how fast time has gone by!

I set up the bassinet. It's so cute, I love it! And soon will get the husband to instal the car seat in the car.

My other baby gives it a thumb up ahaha
Zoe thinks it's awesome

We have a busy weekend. My cousin is getting married! And we have my other cousin's bridal shower Sunday. Fun, Busy weekend! (and lots of yummy food too!)

Happy first day of Fall!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Lots of Pacifiers!



Lots to put away!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Saturday shopping with my sister

 Yesterday I spent the whole day shopping with my sister. My husband went camping for the long weekend with his friends. So what better way to spend my weekend... shopping!

We went to the Coach Outlet that's only 25 mins from my house! It's only been open for about a year and I'm soo glad it's much closer than the other one we use to drive an hour and half away to. I foresee many trips to this closer Coach store in my future haha!

I bought a new cross body purse and wallet. :) On Sale and an Extra 30% off too!

Sister bought a cute Coach hat!

We also went bridesmaid dress shopping in the city. We found the perfect dress! Sooo Exciting!

Husband took the SUV camping, and in no way was I complaining about driving his cute bmw around, but with this belly it was tough getting in and out of those bucket seats! It's stick too, and I already need the seat to go up it's furthest for my short legs to reach the clutch, the belly made my seating a bit off. 

Growing up in the city and always street parking, I'm usually a pro and paralleling... yesterday.. not so much haha!

We also stopped over at the apple farm for apple pies and apple turnovers. Yum!
I had a piece for breakfast this morning. soooo gooood! :)
 I had a 50% coupon at Michaels so we spent a good hour in there yesterday buying cute items haha! Love Michaels!   I bought a scrapbook with lots of stickers! So I'll print all my pregnancy photos and place them in here :) Can't wait to get started!
Hope you all are having a great weekend!!!

Don't forget to enter in the Giveaway! Last day!

Friday, September 02, 2011

31 weeks pregnant photos! And my update.

This week!
How Far Along: 31 Weeks!
Size of baby: Almost 4lbs!
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Yaaa I think I won't share that anymore, I really don't want to bother stepping on that scale haha!

Maternity Clothes: Still fitting this belly and bum into regular and mat clothes.  Can't wait for Fall! I have a long shopping list! As well as shoe shopping. I'm up a whole shoe size!
Movement: Baby moves a lot when I listen to Adele! He has good taste.
Sleep: This week was tough! Spine hurts! I guess belly is pretty heavy, so getting comfy is awkward.
Symptoms: Swelling :( I'm beginning to get the puffy hands and feet. boo!

Wednesday I went to drop off my pre-admission papers at the hospital! EEE! 9 weeks to go! I'm soo excited, a little nervous but wayyy more excited! I feel like time is going to go even faster now and I have soo much to still prepare for our little guy!

 Some new items I picked up this week:
Onesies and I saw this piggy bank at Winners so picked it up instead of ordering online. 

Next week I'm going for an ultrasound to see our little guy. I can't wait! 

Hope you all have a great Long Weekend!