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Sunday, March 22, 2015

March break is over!

Back to school! Little k had an amazing time off!! I took some days off and so did grandma! He had a week of fun! 

Wednesday I took him to see reptiles! Ha! He loves seeing the snakes, and turtles and crocodiles! He even asked if the snake will eat a mouse haha

He even touched a snake! 

He also had fun staying with grandma for 2 days! Taking her little dog for walks! 

This weekend was busy! 

Lots of family time! 

Lots of hugs kisses and cuddles! 

Rolling around our new carpet ha! 

And helping put up lighting in the master bathroom 

This little man is growing up way too fast! He says the most sweetest things. We love him sooo much and he's going to such a good big brother! 

This weekend we also had my cousins birthday party and house warming. 

The big kids and little kids have a great time being together and catching up. 

Total sweetness!!!! 

The weekend was filled with more house decorating! We got window coverings! Yay privacy! Kitchen lighting and a new bench for the hallway! 

Weekend is over and it's back to school tomorrow for little man! 

Next blog post to come. 18 weeks!