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Friday, February 27, 2015

The new the old the present the past the future!

We have soo much goin on this week! 

Tomorrow is little k's last day at daycare:(

He starts preschool on Monday!

Yesterday he went in for a couple hours.  He did so well and loved it!

I have all the gifts and cupcakes ready for tomorrow's last day. There will be a lot if tears!!! The moms at daycare are so upset too :( the kids are so close. 

This week we are also moving! 
So it's crazy hectic. 

Packing, moving, and buying new small appliances and furniture! The unpacking will take forever I'm sure ! 

Some new things... Microwave and toasted oven. 
More things to come this week and next! 

I just ordered the island stools online today! 

Little k loved showing his little cousin around. They loved the open space to run around too ha! 

Slowly we get settled in! 


Next week I'll have more of an update!