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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Florida Family vacation part3

While we were in Florida we took some time to travel around! 

One full day we drove all the way to Key West! We left the condo early and made our way! 

A 4 hour drive! 

Little k is a great traveler he loves road trips so he was excited! 

We made some stops along the way to really enjoy the views! 

It's a beautiful relaxing drive! 

When we got to Key West, we walked around, had lunch, shopped a little and went to the southernmost point of the usa! 

We also went to tour Ernest Hemingway's home in Key West! 

Fun facts! Ernest Hemingway had many cats and some with 6 toes! Those cats were considered goodluck. 

He had a working room in the backyard. Like a man cave to do his writing. He had a daily rule to write 700 words or lunch time whichever came first was all he would do. Then he would go fishing for the afternoon and then hit the bar with his friends and listen to stories that he would later use in his books! 

He lived in this home for 9 years then went to live in cuba the next 25 years! 

So much fun! Little man loved observing the property and the cats! He needed to know all their names! Ha! 
That's a 6 toed cat! 

The next day we had our next adventure. After fun at the beach and pool we decided to drive to Palm beach for the afternoon!

Ahhhhh beautiful homes!!! Donald Trump has a huge home there too! 

We walked around Worth Ave, the Rodeo drive of Palm Beach 

We had dinner and the cutest italian restsurant. Surrounded by shops And in a little garden with water fountains and benches all around. 

Palm beach is soooo nice!!!!! 

Other evening trips included a drive down to South Beach! 

We had dinner in the Art Deco
Very entertaining! Loud music, lots of people. It's happening! Ha!

And we seen Ricky Martin!!! They were filming La Banda. So cool!! 

We really enjoyed our trip to Florida!
 A perfect family getaway! I can't wait to go as a family of 4!