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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Beginning to feel alot like Christmas!

Yesterday we went to get a fresh tree! 

We are combining and making new traditions for our little family. 

We went to a tree farm about an hour away.

And Santa was there! 

Little K was happy to see Santa. He told him he wanted presents then gave him a look as if he wasn't sure that this guy he just met was actually going to get him presents. Ha! He cracks us up!

Family shot :)

They had dog rides for charity. I thought little k would have been scared. But nope! He was excited to go for a ride! 

We had so much. We did this last year and will continue it every year! 

We put the tree on our stand at home yesterday then waited a day for it to settle before decorating. 

Tonight we put on Christmas music and 
decorated the tree. Now we will order a nice meal for dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening with the house all decorated for the season. Perfect. 

2 weeks till Christmas! Happy Holidays everyone!!