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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Waterpark fun

So this is my second attempt to this blog post. I wrote one yesterday and for some reason it didn't save :(

Winter is here! We've had a few snow falls already. Last week we had one snow fall that made our roads a mess! It took me 6 hours to get home from work! 

After a week like that, we were looking forward to a mini family getaway on the weekend. 

We headed to Niagara Falls for some waterpark fun! 

Baby M was going up the stairs and down the kiddie slide. He's such a big boy!! 

They both had a blast! It was nice to be in a water park when it was a cold snowy day outside! 
After a fun filled afternoon at the waterpark we headed baby to the hotel to wash up and head out for dinner and game night! 

RainForest Cafe! Yum! Ok can I say one thing, the food portions are huge. We were stuffed! 

The kids love the RainForest Cafe. The little storms that happen while we are having dinner. 


We then went to the arcade! 

Little k was soo excited! He loved the Jurassic park and ghost busters games the most. 

We also did mini putt! Little k and DH getting competitive with eachother was the cutest thing. While baby M threw the golf balls all over haha! 





Once we were all gamed out we went to the car and drove through Niagara Falls to see the decor and lights.


Perfect ending to our family date day! 

We went back to the hotel and changed to our pj's, watched a movie and we all fell asleep. The kids were exhausted from a fun busy day! 

 2 more days till Christmas Eve!!!



Sunday, November 29, 2015

Santa! And some weekend fun.

We usually like to get a real tree for Christmas, but last year we couldn't pass up the deal we got on a fully lit fake tree ha! Although Zoe stays out of a real tree and has been all over the fake one.

We still want to keep the tradition for our boys so we went to the same tree farm we've been going to for years. 

Little K was pretty shy with Santa, he whispered what he wanted for Christmas haha. 

Baby M got a pic alone too!
Although he was warm and cozy sleeping the whole time.

And a family pic with Santa

We had a fun Sunday afternoon and came home to have some warm chicken soup to end the day! 

We had a long weekend because little k was off school on Friday. 

Baby M is at a fun stage. Watching us more closely and starting to bring up toys to his mouth. 
He really has all signs of teething! 

So it's been a while since I followed a diet or had a workout so it's about time I drop this baby weight. 

I'm down 20lbs since giving birth and need 20 more to go for my first goal to hit. 

So today was my first workout. Just 30mins to start. 

I'm putting together a better eating plan too, a little hard when breastfeeding has you wanting to eat anything in sight haha

I'm starting with baby steps and adjust as I go along! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree!

Finally! The tree is all decorated! Only took us 4 days haha

We usually get a real tree, but last year after Christmas there was a really good deal on this tree so we decided to buy it. I'm so happy we did! It's perfect! It has a lot of lighting and its huge! It didn't fit in the living room! But it's perfect in the hallway. 

Every year we buy a new ornament for little k... And now for baby m too. So this year they bought Star Wars ornaments haha 

Decorating was fun! Little k was really into it this year. 

Once the tree was fully decorated I decided to try and get a pic with the boys for our Christmas Greeting card! 

I put this collage on IG just capturing the fun that it was.

Firstly, zoe... She's all over the tree and has flattened out many parts of it and has stolen some ornaments too! 

Little k was being silly and making jokes as I tried to get the perfect pic. Ha! My silly boys I still got the perfect pics of them. 

The house is decorated and it feels so Christmassy! 

I'm even loving all the Hallmark Christmas movies. I'm hooked on this channel. 

Baby M has his personalized stocking on the way! 

Next weekend we will complete the outdoor decor. We have a big inflatable Santa to put up! As well as the Star Shower laser lighting! Our neighbors just got one too and it looks great! 

Have a happy Monday friends. With all the heartache around the world we must hold the ones we love and come together and Pray for our world. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas fun!

Christmas fun and 4 days off! 

Wednesday night we had Christmas Eve at my aunts house. We usually have Christmas Eve at my grandparents house but our family is expanding and their house is getting squishy! 

My aunt and cousins went all out! 

Santa was there! Santa came with gifts for the littles! We played games ate delicious food and enjoyed eachothers company! 

Lots of pics! 

Before midnight we make chestnuts! Little k helped! 

Then it was 4 days off to relax and spend time with family. It included lots of shopping, lots of movies and lots of sleeping in! Ha! 

Oh but first Christmas morning! Little k fell asleep on the way home so he had a pile of gifts to open Christmas morning.

We had fun opening gifts. 

Oh and the toys that were a big hit! 1. Leapfrog reader. 2. That race car in the pic above. 3. Zoomer Dino! 

Christmas Day we took little k to the movie theatre to watch Penguins of Madagascar! He loved it! He was so good watching the movie and eating his popcorn. He was a little chatter box tho but it was the cutest! 

Then we drove by a street that had Santa's all over! Ha! 

Today we are trying to get back on schedule! Everyday we were up late and slept in! 

We let little k stay up playing every night until he crashed on the sofa. But how cute is he! 

Today he was in bed at 8 sharp! We have a early morning! 

Hope you all had a happy holiday!!