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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Spa day and Italy win!

Today was a busy day out!! My cousin and I had a spa day planned and little did we know it was going to be right when the soccer game was on - Italy vs Germany!

I dropped off baby K with my mom (ohhh this was hard for me! Before I left I was listing out everything for my mom.... Be careful if he... Don't let him... If he's hungry... He needs a nap around....etc, etc!! But he was sooo good and didn't cry at all or fuss at all the whole afternoon)

Ok spa! We got a facial! A back massage and a mani, pedi!! It was soo nice!! Can't wait to go back!

While we were getting our nails done we were listening to the game. Haha.

I knew Italy was in the lead but as soon as I walked in the front door if my grandparents house, it was over and Italy won!! Yippy!

Now Sunday is Spain vs Italy! Good thing Kris has both jerseys! Ha!

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Skinny Italian!

I really loved watching RHONJ this year and just loved Teresa! She has 4 little girls, yes 4! and she looks great! She is totally Italian and loves to cook. In her book she talks about Skinny Italian cooking and how Real Italian food is by far from fattening! The people in Italy are not fat at all! They enjoy their food and eating is a social gathering with friends and family. I remember when I was young we lived with my grandparents and when it was dinner or a Sunday lasagna lunch, you were there sitting and eating with the whole family for a couple hours, no running off. (even though as kids we would try and run out to play as fast as we could haha!) Food was to be eaten slowly and enjoyed! We tend to forget this these days with being so busy!

Her book also inspired me to write down some yummy Italian recipes that my grandmother makes. My grandmothers food is by far the best, of course! Ha! One of my favorite meals my grandmother makes is riso e latte. Rice with milk. NOT to be confused with Milk Rice! the sweet one, I like that too but the one I'm talking about is the most soothing meal! Not sweet. Just perfect on a cold day! (I'll get the exact recipe for us soon)

It's funny that being Italian I don't usually cook Italian. We live in a city full of multiculturalism so we love sooo many different types of foods. This will never change, but I want to perfect some of my own favorite Italian dishes to pass down to my kids.

So with all the Italian talk, last night husband and I were talking about the Europe trip we want to take. I've been to Italy when I was younger, I went for 2 months! I absolutely loved it. So I can't wait to get to my roots again soon! Places I've been Roma, Napoli, Modena. I have friends and family in these areas. I just know my husband would love it there too.

Gelato, Pizza, Pasta, cheese... oh my!