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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What Do You Miss

Who else is missing some of their favorite shops? I’m totally missing Marshall’s Canada, winners and homesense! I was at one of these stores weekly! Some weeks daily 🤭

This workout outfit was one of the last outfits I bought at Marshall’s Canada. 😎Ahhh if they were open right now they would be filled with spring and summer clothing and household decor. It’s always my go to place to shop, for one it’s a 2min drive from me and it’s a place that has things for mama and for the kids. Because who has time to shop all over the place! 

Some of this decor was purchased just the week before March break! Ha! So I had a spring change up early this year.

I haven’t been really shopping online much for spring clothing. I’m hoping the stores open up soon for that! But I have been tempted with all the instagram outfit posts ha! 

Have you been shopping online and preparing for spring/ summer? What’s the first place you’ll shop at when we are all allowed back out! 

Ohhh and I can’t forget about a nice haircut and mani pedi! Those are high on my list of to-dos when this is all over 😃 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend this and that.

The weekends go by so fast! Happy Monday!

Before I recap the weekend. Look up! it's my new blog image of my little family!

This little will begin to eat solids this week! I bought the rice cereal and we see his doctor tommorow. So as soon as he gives his ok we will have a taste! 

These past 4 months went by in a blink of an eye!

He is soo loved! We all gush over babyM!

Big brother loves to cuddle him too.
Or should we say, bug him haha.

Little K can't wait for him to start crawlin around.

Little k had a friend's bday this weekend.

These boys were serious in their costumes 

They had so much fun! They played and ran around for hours!!

My fun this weekend was getting some new art! 

I also got a new piece for the living room
I had a big art there but wanted a big piece not something that filled the wall so much. So the mirror is perfect! Still to come, crown molding and drapes! 
My house to do list is very very long. 

Our next home project will be the backsplash for the kitchen. But boy is it hard to choose! 

I'm hoping to get this done before the new year. But we need to decide first ha! 

It's the last week of school before xmas break! I'm so grateful to be home on maternity leave. Especially since it's little k's first year in school. He gets to have me around making his year so smooth for him. 

This whole week they have special things to wear everyday.
Today is jersey day! So he wore his Toronto FC soccer shirt. I forgot to take a pic! 

The rest of the week it's festive hat, festive shirt, red and green day and PJ day!! How fun is school! 

I'm also happy to have a break from making lunches! 

Last week of school!!! We are looking forward to Christmas break! Are you!? 

Sunday, August 09, 2015

A little Home decor

We have a long list of to do's for our new home. Some things we can get to right away, and some things need a little more time. 

A couple weeks ago I bought a hutch for the kitchen. 

It filled the space perfectly! But it needed an art piece to go above it. I saw one piece I loved 2 weeks ago but when I sent the Mr to get it, it was gone :(

So Saturday morning I went into the basement and brought up some art that we had in the old home. And doing some switcharoos we decided to put the office art piece in the kitchen!

I also bought some new pieces for the counter... 

And we put up some art we had in the basement, that fit perfect with our theme. 

I also bought a jar and filled it with coffee beans to add beside our coffee maker! 

The kitchen is almost complete! I just need my backsplash! And a vase or 2 for some empty corners. 

On Saturday we went into Homesense for that jar for the beans above. And walked out with much more.

Including an art piece for the living room! 

The living room needs a more art on the other wall but I haven't seen a piece I liked yet! Oh and wall paint colors. That will be next years projects! 

Baby Michael is due any day now, so our home decor will turn into baby items all over ha! 

Have a great week friends! 

Friday, March 06, 2015

16 weeks!

How Far Along: 
16 weeks! 

Size of baby: An Onion!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10lbs boo!

Gender: 4 
weeks until we find out, well actually my sister will find out! Then we will have a gender reveal party with close family and friends! Can't wait! 

Movement: Flutters :) 

Sleep: love my sleep 

Cravings: Nothing really that lasts more than a day ha! 

Symptoms: ligament pain in my belly! The past couple days I've been really feeling the weight in my belly! 

Belly rubs from these cuties ha! 

Little K completed his first week of school!!!  He had some good days and sons bad days. He did so well today so he's getting the hang of things quickly! 

Love my boys more than anything in this world!!! 

This weekend we are getting more furniture and shopping for more house decor. The house is coming together! We have a busy weekend!!! 

Some new items 

Swivel stools! 

I'm still working on little k's room, I should be mostly done by Sunday! 

He is soo happy with his new room!

Have a good weekend friends!