Monday, August 27, 2012

Our Morning Routine

Here is a little glimpse of our morning routine these days.

Kris wakes up around 8am calling for me while I try and take in any extra minutes I can as he continues to play haha.

 I nurse his for a couple minutes then we get out of bed, I change him into his outfit for the day and I sit him in the bouncy as I get ready.

Since the day he was born this was our routine. I hate leaving the bedroom without being dressed even more now with a baby since our schedule is unpredictable.

He sits nicely or not so nicely as I put my makeup on and get dressed. (I do my eye makeup but my hair is usually up in a pony tail, that I don't have time for, blowdrying and straightening... Haven't done that in a while!)

We then go downstairs for breakfast.

DH makes coffee before he leaves to work, so hot coffee is always waiting for me ;)

These days I need to give Kris a cereal cookie to feed himself to get him in his highchair.

I put some cartoons on and get babies oatmeal ready to feed him in between the breathes of eating his cookie aha

And I sit and drink my coffee while playing online and feeding him all while talking out loud to him about what we will do today ha!

Today is Monday so we have grocery shopping on our to do's. If we were to stay home we would have floor playtime at this time.

We finish breakfast around 945 and make our way to the grocery store.

I carry him in the baby bjorn carrier (exercise for me) and we shop. He gets to hold some packages in his hands as if he is helping and we name the different foods as we go along. He gets the attention of a lot of people and we always get stopped so people can talk to him, Kris loves it! Smiling and talking back.

We are back home around 1045 and Kris is ready for his nap.

We go to his room sit in the rocking chair, play his sleep sheep, pacifier in his mouth and he is out in 5 minutes.

Down he goes and I get a couple hours to clean up, put groceries away, go online for a bit and make his lunch.

We only have 5 weeks left till he starts daycare full time.I'm counting down so be prepared to hear about it in all my blog posts haha!

I think I need to change our wakeup time to 7am soon. Not so much for the baby but for me. I'll work on this soon. It's a lot of adjusting for me too! I'm not looking forward to being a Zombie Mom at work!

So far napping without nursing is going great. I'm still working on weaning him fully during the day.Taking it day by day!

The next 5 weeks we will be busy changing up our daily routine and breastfeeding schedule. Big changes are coming and it's hard work with a little one!

I'll also be taking Kris to an indoor playground weekly.  We went to one on the weekend for my nieces birthday and Kris loved it! I'm considering doing his 1st birthday party at a playground as well, although I always thought I wouldn't for the first birthday, but the kids love it and I think it will be a great first birthday party with his little friends.

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  1. loved this little glimpse into your daily routine! :) you sound really organized!