Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thinking about fall clothes and shoes

I spent my day at my grandparents house with my niece and little Kristian. I was soo tired today so we just stayed in playing on the ipad and watching TV.

I talked to my niece about starting school and she was showing me her new shoes and her new backpack, very cute pink stuff :) haha

I then started thinking of allll the things I need for this coming fall and especially for back to work, it's creeping up.

DH had got me a gift card to the mall as part of my birthday gift, for those things specifically. But when I went to the mall I was overwhelmed. Ya there were a lot of things I liked and wanted, But I had no vision of what I really wanted to wear. What style do I want? I was confused! I haven't really thought about it in a while!

So I decided to follow what the, What Not To Wear show does. Buy a complete outfit from top to bottom. So my goal the next couple weeks is to buy 3 outfits to get me started. Top to bottom! A casual outfit, a work outfit and a going out to dinner outfit.

Buying shoes are the easiest for me so I'll start with the bottom up haha

Some shoes from the Aldoshoes.com site that I have my eye on ;)

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  1. Fall clothes are the best! Sweaters, boots...can't wait to go shopping too


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