Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sleep training ups and downs

I was never one that thought I would do the CIO (cry it out method) I was totally against it the first year. I hear many moms that have done it and it has worked and also many that haven't and their kids sleep just fine.

My little one was never the good sleeper. From birth he would nurse every 2-4 hours and 1-2 during growth spurts. His sleep I would say is getting worse not better these days.

So we decided to finally try the CIO method. It was going sorta fine the first couple days. My husband started it and seems it works a little better with him than with me.

However, I noticed the past couple days a very needy baby. This was something I was afraid of when it came to CIO. Not all kids are the same. For the most part little K is pretty independent and not one to cry when I leave the room... But the past couple days he has been. He is afraid that we are leaving him... Exactly what I was afraid of! Who could blame him!

Last night when I placed him in his crib he would turn around quick to see if I was there. I would pat him, he would fall asleep and as soon as I started walking away he would wake up and freak!!! He was up until 130am doing this last night ;(

I have no problem with co-sleeping I always bring him in bed after the first stretches of sleep in his crib. But baby boy is desperate for comfort that he has been using me for comfort pulling my hair, getting up to snuggle closer wanting to nurse often... he keeps me awake!

;( I'm lost and don't know what to do now. Moms! What do I do! I'll continue a method a fellow twitter mom sent me and I'll see how it goes this week.

I'm exhausted and just want this cute little boy to sleeeeep!!


  1. my boys were older, at 15months I started the crying out thing with the oldest. It worked for him but it didnt' work for the other 2.
    My middle son still needed us at 2.5yrs to lay down with him before he fell asleep for the night. We put a futon mattress on his floor. He just needed that comfort of having someone there, he is also our night terror child. He just "needs" more than the others. We moved here in 2003 and that had us starting all over again. He had been going to bed on his own but with the move at 22months it all changed to the above situation. Too much going on. My 3rd boy was a sleeper from DAy 1, 630pm -7am from 1month until he was 7yrsold. Now itt's 730-630am. What I'm really saying is every child is different. Naps worked better for them all, 2pm zzzz! gone and up at 330pm.

  2. I did the babywise method and it worked but every baby is different. Cruze was way younger when we started it. I'm sure you'll figure out what works for you soon. Everyone does eventually right? But I also know that while you're in the middle of it, it feels like forever. :/

    Hope it all works out soon!