Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 months old

My little boy! You are 15 months old today!

You have the cutest personality! Gentle and sweet making the cutest faces, then a little mean at times when you don't get your way, stomping your feet and crying! You are growing, learning and exploring and it is amazing to watch you change before our eyes!

You are in everything these days! You leave a mess behind you ha! You put toys and toilet paper in the hamper when I'm not looking. You empty out cupboards and laundry baskets... working away like a busy little bee.

Your favorite toy is still the break-dancing Mickey. You are always dancing and singing.

Your vocabulary is expanding and you are understanding so much! There is too much to write it out!

You are still a great eater and love to sit and enjoy your food. Your favorite fruit is blueberries. You can eat soooo many in one sitting!

You weighed 19lb last we checked (We are going for your 15 month check up tomorrow so we will see)

You are in size 4-5 diapers, 4 still fits, but I also have been using 5 too.

You are in sizes 12-18

On good days you sleep from 730-8 waking 1-3 times for a sip of water or to nurse, usually less than 5 mins and you are back out. I keep a sippy cup in your bedroom so you can take a sip then go back to sleep! But teething or sick nights it's out the window and you will be up about 5x for comfort.

We are almost fully weaned. Some nights you don't nurse at all and some nights you ask for it. But we are down to 1 and none!

You love Zoe and laugh and babble with her all the time.

You also love to pretend you are on the phone and walk around babbling, laughing and making hand gestures like you are talking to someone haha.

You are always paying attention to what is going around you and COPY everything we do in a second!

We love you sooo much!!! Happy 15 months!!!!


  1. wow 15 months already! he's such a cutie, sounds like he's keeping you busy!

  2. he is so cute.

    can't believe it, his already 15 months old, just two weeks older than mine.

    this is such a sweet letter.