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Monday, November 28, 2016

15 months old

Biting then laughing at you as you scream. 
Throwing things in the garbage. Oops some toys have disappeared for good.
Taking everything out of the kitchen cabinets. Especially bags. Bags are fun

Cookies are my favorite! 

Santa is pretty cool too

Playing with my brother is my favorite too.

You learn so much from your brother and you make your brother laugh soo much! 

 You love hugging and kissing all of us and we do our part in smothering you! 

New words are coming through.
And some made up words too but they have a meaning to you! Ha! You will make sure we understand you. 

Oh, you hate hearing the word NO! :( 

You are full of energy! You are a busy little boy. You have the sweetest laugh and cuddly personality. You love being in the middle of it all!

 You are learning new things everyday! We love you so so much! 

Baby Mikey!!!! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend birthday fun

This weekend was all about birthdays! Lots of food and a lot of cake!

Friday was my husband and niece's birthday!

We had family over Friday night. I lost all my picture because at the end of the night my memory card from my camera broke and I lost everything :( BUT! I have this. After many bottles of wine hahaha watch this

Saturday night we went over my brother place for my niece's birthday. The kids had so much fun together.

The guys were watching hockey and yelled super loud when Toronto maple leafs scored.... Baby K got startled and cried really hard. He hugged me tight and took him about 20 minutes to stop sobbing :( it was the worst I've seen him cry. He was sooo upset :(

Here are some weekend pics ;)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby led weaning at 15 months. No more breastfeeding

When people ask me about breastfeeding I always say the same thing... it was sooo hard to start and soo hard to stop. Women need support, the only way I was able to push through and keep trying was from support from other moms. I wrote this blog post a while back. Weaning was soo hard  too. When I first tried weaning baby k he was about 9 months. I was forcing the weaning because I was going back to work..(to be clear baby k never took a bottle so pumping and giving a bottle was never an option) at 9 months he wasn't ready. We both weren't ready. It was really stressful on both of us. So I pushed my back to work date further out. Baby K at 9-10 months started the pincer grasp and feeding himself and was eating all his meals and less breast milk and onto the sippy cup. By 12 months he was daytime weaned. I still breastfed at night at first 2-3x then went to 2, then 1. Now last week to zero! Baby k is 15.5 months and with baby led weaning we are no longer breastfeeding. It was almost a surprise to me even though I was living it at seeing how much less he was needing it. When we were down to one time I was actually only offering one breast once a night for a couple weeks. Then that stopped too. We were not trying to wean, so I am happy that it was all baby k's choice. I just keep remembering the beginning when baby K was just born and trying to get to 3 months and at 15 months I wasn't looking for us to stop yet and little K was ready to move on.

Following my baby's queues and never forcing my ways on him has worked best for me and my parenting style. They eventually get it! They eventually learn how to sip the sippy cup, eventually learn to feed themselves, and eventually sleep through the night and eventually stop breastfeeding. At 15.5 month I actually feel that all the decisions I made so far worked best for our family and I'm not second guessing myself like I once was. I had some tough times and went against my initial instincts many times, parenthood is far from easy  and sometimes no decision is easy to make haha but if we can trust our decisions then that can take a load of stress off.

So moms do it your way, whatever way as long as you feel it's the best way and maybe it won't be at first but it will be eventually! Ha! I will need to come back and read my own words in future days I'm sure!

The Breastfeeding chapter of my life is now closed... for now :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day!

We had a great Valentine's Day and Evening here :)

The day started with my little Valentine. Baby K loves to kiss and hug me and it is the most precious thing! It just melts my heart!

I served a heart shaped lunch with V day cookies.

We did some fun V day art too.

My husband picked up dinner on his way home and we had a nice dinner with a nice bottle or 2 (ha!) of wine and music in the background. A perfect valentines evening for our little family.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

A little this and that

Baby K has thin hair and still needs to grow and fill in more. It's wavy too and sometimes gets tangled. The other night he had one tangle I couldn't get out so I cut it off. Ha! I taped it to a paper labeled it 15 months old tangle and put it in his first haircut envelope haha

Today it's been snowing all day here and I had so many errands to run, well I had 1 that ended up being 3. The night before I left my credit card at the mall. Nice huh. I dragged baby k in the snowy weather all around today.

We ended the evening at my sisters house preparing for her baby shower. Decorating cookies! We are doing cupcakes tomorrow! Yum!

Monday, February 04, 2013

Toddler, teething, menu and fun

Little K always got his teeth 2-3 at a time never just 1 at a time. He has 7 front teeth (4 top 3 bottom) and 2 top molars on their way in from what I can see!

Last night I put him to bed at 8 and at midnight he was up. Drowsy and fussy for an hour before falling back asleep. Teething is not fun. We have a long way to go still!

Little K is a great eater and loves pretty much everything. Except milk, he doesn't drink milk at all and the doctor is 100% ok with that. But suggested sneaking in other fats. So I'm adding more fat to his diet a lot more avocados to his meals and butter to toast and today cream in his scrambled eggs, which he loved today.

This little boy is busy these days having fun and giving me a workout! Ha!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

15 months old

My little boy! You are 15 months old today!

You have the cutest personality! Gentle and sweet making the cutest faces, then a little mean at times when you don't get your way, stomping your feet and crying! You are growing, learning and exploring and it is amazing to watch you change before our eyes!

You are in everything these days! You leave a mess behind you ha! You put toys and toilet paper in the hamper when I'm not looking. You empty out cupboards and laundry baskets... working away like a busy little bee.

Your favorite toy is still the break-dancing Mickey. You are always dancing and singing.

Your vocabulary is expanding and you are understanding so much! There is too much to write it out!

You are still a great eater and love to sit and enjoy your food. Your favorite fruit is blueberries. You can eat soooo many in one sitting!

You weighed 19lb last we checked (We are going for your 15 month check up tomorrow so we will see)

You are in size 4-5 diapers, 4 still fits, but I also have been using 5 too.

You are in sizes 12-18

On good days you sleep from 730-8 waking 1-3 times for a sip of water or to nurse, usually less than 5 mins and you are back out. I keep a sippy cup in your bedroom so you can take a sip then go back to sleep! But teething or sick nights it's out the window and you will be up about 5x for comfort.

We are almost fully weaned. Some nights you don't nurse at all and some nights you ask for it. But we are down to 1 and none!

You love Zoe and laugh and babble with her all the time.

You also love to pretend you are on the phone and walk around babbling, laughing and making hand gestures like you are talking to someone haha.

You are always paying attention to what is going around you and COPY everything we do in a second!

We love you sooo much!!! Happy 15 months!!!!