Thursday, October 10, 2013

Toddler stuff

Little K just loves his cousins so much. Baby E isn't a toddler just yet but with her big cousins teaching her everything, she will be learning it all pretty quick!! 
They adore baby E! 

Yesterday at daycare Kris went on a trip to Walmart. Haha how cute is that. We donated $10.00 and they went to buy items to send to a little toddler in Nicaragua. It reminded me of how I want to teach Kristian all about giving back. Especially during thanksgiving. Giving thanks and giving back. 

Kris will be 2 in a couple weeks, if you didn't already know by my mentions in every post ha! We have a busy month of a lot of birthdays! And Halloween too! 
It'll be a fun month!

Watching him learn and grow is by far the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. 

Today he put his rain boots backwards and he knew right away that it didn't feel right! So he took them off and switched them around and was so happy about it ha! 

He is mr babbles, copying everything we say. Daily he practices his colors by pointing and saying the color on pretty much everything around the house. He just learned silver too buy his uncle a couple days ago. 

I still get so surprised when he says new words. I love the way he pronounces them too ha! At daycare it's non stop calling his friend Sofia... Thofia. 

Loving this toddler stage. 

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