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Monday, June 02, 2014

5 months to 3!

Mr 2 years old and 7 months HUH… 3 in just 5 months huh huh! Can time PLEASE SLOW DOWN!


When I look up different toddler personalities, little K does not fall into the Shy kid, or EASY child category. He is a good kid and a normal 2 year old that can switch to very sweet and calm to wild and screaming for his way or the high way hahah. I remember hearing moms say toddlers are kookoo people, going from happy, excited to screaming and crying in a matter of a second. Oh yes they are emotional that’s forsure haha.


Reading up on little K’s personality I would say that he is a combination and I also do not like to label any child any one way anyway! They are growing learning and developing so a constant change I believe is the best thing to see!


Little K is definitely, strong willed and sensitive. He loves to make his own choices and lets you know loud and clear if he does not like what you just did. Ha! His disapproving face is so funny to see. He is this little person with such a strong personality and sense of self. He knows what he wants and YOU will know what he doesn’t want. Ha!


We have many good days and of course with a toddler many challenging days, working through tantrums and bargaining and helping our little toddler through his emotions when he’s upset. Which can be really difficult for us parents especially when we too are tired! We are learning too! As I read up on handling tantrums I see, Patience patience!

Little K is loving the summer. He is one active boy! He loves the park and loves being outdoors. He loves car rides with us and loves pointing out and calling out everything he sees to make sure we seen it too. “Mama look! A motorcycle” and if we don’t answer it gets louder “ HELLOOO MAMA! LOOK MOTORCYCLE” Funny kid.


Things little K loves at 2.7 years old…

Airplanes and Helicopters are still at the top of the list of favorites! Airplane/Helicopter Toys, movies, videos, ipad apps! Loves them!

Cars, motorcycles and bikes.

Night time story time

Dancing to music

Playing with his cousins and friends

Telling stories of things he did and likes.

New favorite, DINOSOURS!

Favorite foods.. STILL Fruits and Veggies. New fav fruit, cherry tomatoes.

Favorite sport… Soccer!

Little man can count to 15 and say his full ABC’s! He loves to sing songs and loves when I sing him a song before bed.

He loves hugs and kisses and loves being the center of mommy and daddy’s lives :) 


Love My BOY!!!!!



Thursday, October 10, 2013

Toddler stuff

Little K just loves his cousins so much. Baby E isn't a toddler just yet but with her big cousins teaching her everything, she will be learning it all pretty quick!! 
They adore baby E! 

Yesterday at daycare Kris went on a trip to Walmart. Haha how cute is that. We donated $10.00 and they went to buy items to send to a little toddler in Nicaragua. It reminded me of how I want to teach Kristian all about giving back. Especially during thanksgiving. Giving thanks and giving back. 

Kris will be 2 in a couple weeks, if you didn't already know by my mentions in every post ha! We have a busy month of a lot of birthdays! And Halloween too! 
It'll be a fun month!

Watching him learn and grow is by far the most amazing thing I've ever experienced. 

Today he put his rain boots backwards and he knew right away that it didn't feel right! So he took them off and switched them around and was so happy about it ha! 

He is mr babbles, copying everything we say. Daily he practices his colors by pointing and saying the color on pretty much everything around the house. He just learned silver too buy his uncle a couple days ago. 

I still get so surprised when he says new words. I love the way he pronounces them too ha! At daycare it's non stop calling his friend Sofia... Thofia. 

Loving this toddler stage. 

Friday, October 04, 2013

Birthday planning!

Little K's birthday is in 3 weeks!

Our theme is ELMO! I already bought most the decor and his birthday shirt too! 

I'm getting great Pinterest inspired ideas! 

Ahhhh too cute!!!

And these look so fun! 

I still can't believe my little guy is already turning 2! 

He's one crazy sweet boy! 

Always picking and bringing me flowers! Ha!

Perfect with our fall decorations. 

Happy Friday! 

Check out my recipe blog! We tried vanilla chia seed pudding!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

For the love of airplanes!

Little K loves airplanes! Well just one of the many things he loves. 

Today we went to park near the airport to watch the planes land.

Oh boy! He was soo excited and happy to be there! Yelling out airplane bye bye. It was adorable!!!! 

It was my first time doing this. Definitely will be doing it more often. 

We had a fun evening! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Basement play area

We finally made the basement into a play area. 

I love it! 

It has all his toys and we get to spend our time as a family down there playing with little K. 

Today I bought new bean bag seats to be a little more comfy. 
They were on sale and at least 5 people stopped me as I was walking out to see what they were and wanted to buy them too! Ha! 

Now to find more time to workout too. Sigh. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My 22 month old loves

Avocado! We all know this ha! He calls them ADO and if we are out of them I'm in trouble! 

He has one for breakfast everyday! He also loves sweet pepper he eats a whole pepper on his own! I can't complain at all about him and eating other than,  I can barely keep up sometimes. 

When he sees me pull out food to cook he wants it now! So I need to hide certain things and only show him once it's cooked! The best line from him. "Mama cook" ha! 

I still can't believe how the time is just flying by and he'll be 2 in 2 months!!! 

His vocabulary is expanding learning at least 1 new word a day! Today it was 3! Chocolate (chacchac) , mess, and fly. He loves planes so today while we were at the toy store he spotted this helicopter fan at the checkout and wouldn't let it go. He keeps saying Aaapee flyyyy (airplane fly)

I don't want to forget a thing! I've been so blessed to have spent some extra time home with him. Seeing him and all his firsts. It's the most precious gift I've ever had. I get so much joy watching him learn and grow. This little boy just melts my heart! 

Thursday, August 01, 2013

21 months old huh 21?

Baby K is 21 months old! I had to count the months over and over and even asked my friend how old her son was because they are a month apart. 21 months old!!! Where are these days going! 

Little man is still in size 18 months and size 4 diapers. Shoe size will be moving up to 5.5 or 6 soon. He's 21 months 21 pounds ha! 

He is learning 1-2 new words a day! He surprises me when I hear them! I always ask who taught him that! ha! Everything he does is so amazing to me haha. He is over 50 words and he is trying real sentences. On the weekend his hat fell and he repeated. Hat,fall, head. Ha! 

He loves to match things. He will find similar looking toys and bring them together. Or if he's reading a book and sees something like a sheep, he will get his sheep toy to read along with him. He started doing this as early as 13 months that I can remember. He would bring the cat flash card over to show Zoe ha! He has a strong personality already! He's smooth and demanding. Loves to cuddle and is sweet but also very demanding. It makes us laugh but also scares us a little because as parents we need to know the balance of allowing him to get away with too much. 

He is still a great eater but gets tough sometimes because he will demand certain things he wants and has zero patience. When he wants ice cream he will repeat it a thousand times and won't give up until he gets it! 

He's always raiding the snack drawer! 

Avocados, sweet peppers, Oreos and ice cream are currently on the fave list.  

At 21 months what do you love to do? RUN the minute you learned to run you ran and still doing just that. 

I found a new big park and it's perfect for you! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Packing snacks for my toddler

When it's time to head out I gather a bunch of snacks and baby k's water sippy cup and head out. 

What does my toddler love to snack on? 

Other than the usual cheesy puffs, goldfish and cheese strings. I like to make little baggies or containers of his favorite fruits and veggies. I have them packed in the fridge ready to grab. Things like sweet pepper sticks, blueberries, cucumber. and throw in a banana or 2 sometimes too. 

Easy and convenient! 

What does your toddler like to snack on? 

Monday, July 08, 2013

Yes my toddler screams NO!

Ha! Other than my niece, I haven't been around many toddlers so the toddler life is new to us too. I read up a lot on behavior and know that my little toddler is acting exactly how a little toddler should!

But when around others that don't have kids we find ourselves having to explain his behavior. 

Yes my toddler has mood swings, yes he hugged and kissed you once then snubbed you a second later, yes my toddler will not share with you, yes that was my toddler that ate the soil and licked the rocks, yes that was my toddler that went up and down the stairs alone one thousand times to prove he can do it and yes my toddler will scream NO to NOO end! Ha! 

It may drive us crazy too sometimes but I get a kick out of seeing how independent my little guy is learning to be. He is learning about his surroundings and learning that yes those are his toys and you better not touch them. He is learning what he wants in his little life. When he says he wants a avocado you better get him that avocado or he will let you know how upset he is. 

Toddlers are so fun to be around they live in the moment and have so much fun doing simple things like licking rocks haha and jumping in puddles! 

Of course it's also exhausting because they are non stop! This weekend I looked forward to bedtime and naps to get much needed breaks.